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"...And Sprinkles On Top" is the fourth episode of Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One (Volume 3), and the thirtieth installment of the series overall. It was performed on May 11, 2019 at MadLab theatre in Columbus, OH as the third segment of Show XLVII. It was released as podcast episode #232.

Written by Nick Arganbright

Directed by Kristin Green

Previous episode: "Recall Me, Maybe"

Next episode: Packer & Ratcliff "The Pursuit of Packer"

The Story

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In The Subworlds, the monster Gigaxx has called together fellow monsters Pr-Pratt, Dunuld, Dr'Foog, and Joey the Gnome. Pr-Pratt complains that the force isn't mighty, and Gigaxx tells him to wait, it will be bigger. Zagor the Murderous flies in, completing the force.

Pr-Pratt verbally attacks Zagor, calling him a coward for running from Daniel Kravitz when they fought, like a snarfu. Gigaxx didn't know Zagor had run, and is not pleased. Zagor insists that Daniel Kravitz ran from him.

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Joey calls an end to the bickering, stepping forward and taking charge. He references the strange truce they've been in with the U.L.P. for millennia, but says that the U.L.P. isn't going to hold up their end of the bargain anymore. When the others question this statement, Zagor says that, while going to the U.L.P. for a meeting, he witnessed the fall of the organization. He shows Dunuld the events through his eyes. Joey has already experienced this, too. The vision also proves Daniel can teleport, but shows the human police showing up before Zagor could do anything.

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Dunuld and the others get upset, stating that they need supplies from the upworld, and with the U.L.P. gone, that cuts off their connection. That was the reason they all worked with the group in the first place. That, and the U.L.P. kept them safe from humans and other monsters. Zagor complains that he just wants peace and to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which several of the others echo.

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Joey interrupts, saying he talked to Kali and Kali is in support of his plans to wipe out Daniel Kravitz and his friends, hoping this will a restored U.L.P. to work with them again. Unfortunately, Zagor has not been able to find them, so they don't know where to attack. Gigaxx is concerned Daniel is too powerful to attack. Joey agrees he'll be tough, and wants to call a parlay with other monster leaders, allies and enemies alike.

Monbo enters with a slow clap, Deli with her. Joey doesn't know her, but the others do. When Monbo says she's already organizing monsters (a term she intends to take back), the assembled all pledge their loyalty to Monbo. Well, all except Joey, who invites Monbo to follow his leadership. In response, Deli beheads Joey, killing him. Monbo echoes Joey's orders to gather enemies and allies from near and far, and declares Daniel Kravitz will be the last Chosen One.

Guest Starring


  • This episode, performed during the first Shorts show, features none of the lead cast members, but a couple of the lead actors, including Nathan Haley (Daniel Kravitz) and Shane Stefanchik (Rufus), play monsters.
  • Nick wrote this before Jerome added the monster post-credits scene at the end of "Mind If I Smoke?" As such, Jerome gave this one a new ending.
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