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Addie Peelle was a troupe member of It's All Been Done Radio Hour from its inception in July 2015 through the second anniversary in July 2017, and is the sister of former troupe member Amanda Iman. She was the youngest troupe member, appearing throughout her sophomore and junior years of high school, which is why she had limited availability during her tenure. Twice, she filled in as Foley artist for the show.

Addie was active in high school theatre and band. She wants to make sure everyone remembers, “Thomas Edison was a witch.”

Addie's Meet the Cast was the fifteenth in the series, released as podcast episode 85.


Main Characters

  • Robbie in the Robbie commercials.
  • Kamomile in the IABDPR commercials.
  • Random Kid in "Splunk!"
  • Allison in Georgie's Jabs "Gamer Girl Allison."

Recurring Characters

Guest Characters

Packer & Ratcliff

  • Eliza Schuyler Hamilton in "Alexander."

Pornstar Detectives

  • Fran in "And the Case of the Missing Hans."
  • Jeanette in "Wherefore Art."

The Scary Dead

  • Sammy Shepard in "Break Out."

Universe Journey

  • Lt. Redd in "Ketchup."
  • Snider in "Dirt In Your Eye."