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Astronaut Jake is a commercial segment in It's All Been Done Radio Hour. Jake claims to be a 'real-live' astronaut. Premiering in 2018, he is the third in a series of such characters, the first being Cowboy Joe. Jake 'sells' IABD-brand products that relate to his space theme. Each episode title is the product he is selling. He is often annoyed by children who question his words.


Astronaut Jake is played by Ryan Yohe.

Other Characters

  • Anne played by Kristin Green (episode #1). Anne is a young girl who doesn't know what show polish is.
  • Jerry played Joe Morales (episode #2). Jerry is a young boy who points out Jake is using a slogan copy-written by another company.


# Title Writer Director Live Show Podcast
1 "Telescope" Jerome Wetzel Dallas Ray Show XXXV C78
2 "Ice-cream" Jerome Wetzel Jerome Wetzel Comfest 2018 C82


"Telescope" was re-run at the Columbus Arts Festival 2018 with the same performers. "Ice-cream" was rerun at the Columbus Arts Festival 2019 with Shane Stefanchik subbing as Jerry.

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