"Attack on the Homestead" is the ninth episode of Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One Volume 2, and the twenty-second installment of the series overall. It was performed during Show XXXII on February 10th, 2018 at MadLab theatre in Columbus, OH. It was released as podcast episode 152.

Written by Jerome Wetzel

Directed by Chase McCants

Previous episode: "A Rufus Carol"

Next episode: "The Safe House"



The story begins "on a typical day" months after the last episode Abby Reynolds cheerily greets Josh Wallace at Kravitz Antiques. Josh excitedly tells her that he's been preparing spells for their impending battle. He then remembers the spell he cast on her, and is embarrassed. Abby reminds him that she forgave him months ago and that he's been working this past year to make up for it. She is proud of his efforts and even calls him a friend. When Josh asks if someday she might see him as more than that, she tells him not to push his luck.

Grezit the Green and Daniel Kravitz enter arguing. Grezit has recently moved into Daniel's spare room, out of the shop, and it's not going well. Daniel is made because Grezit finished all the cereal without telling him, which Grezit defends by saying he just finished it this morning, and so did not have time to tell him yet. Daniel escapes into the backroom, leaving Grezit to vent to the others. Grezit hates that Daniel leaves his giant shoes in the living room, while Daniel thinks it's gross that Grezit licks dirty plates clean in the sink. Also, Daniel does something on


Sundays that Grezit isn't pleased with. Grezit asks if he can move in with Abby, even offering to sleep on the couch, but she says her place is too small. Grezit then asks Josh to share his bed, and Josh nervously searches for a way to let the Gahroo down.

Luckily for Josh, they are interrupted by the arrival of Rufus Reginald Rochester. Rufus comments on how Grezit's growth has sped up lately, which has clearly led to issues with balance and spatial awareness. This is evidenced by Grezit clumsily breaking a very expensive vase, the third such item this week.

They are interrupted again by the smashing of the front window. The sound draws an angry Daniel back to the front, sure that it was Grezit's fault. But it's soon revealed to be Rotgut, Slayer of Chosen Ones instead, a large monster that would like to make Daniel his fourth Chosen One victim. Rotgut has a


machete in each hand, prompting Daniel to grab Pee Wee. But Grezit strikes first, leaping at Rotgut's legs.

Before Daniel can assist, another monster enters the fray through the smashed window, Zagor the Murderous, who has also come to kill Daniel. As Rotgut argues with Zagor over who gets the privilege, Daniel engages Zagor in combat. This is unfortunate for the shop, which is rapidly being destroyed, and Abby is pretty sure their insurance (with a high deductible) was maxed out already.

While Josh frantically searches for a spell to help, I'Kjo breaks down the front door and enters to - you guessed it - kill Daniel. Rufus takes on I'Kjo, who, unlike Rotgut and Zagor, insists he's immune to spells, and who also bickers with the other monsters about who gets to murder Daniel. All of this bickering drives Daniel crazy, especially that none of the monsters speak in first-person perspective. They also don't like being called monsters.


I'Kjo calls Rufus feeble, and Grezit switches opponents to defend the former mentor, leaving Rufus to battle Rotgut. But then I'Kjo lunges at Daniel, so Grezit goes after Zagor. As insults continue to be traded, two more monsters enter, and then an additional three. It quickly becomes apparent that the group isn't going to win the day and Daniel orders everyone to leave, starting with Abby.

As Abby protests, Ragina suddenly bursts in from the backroom and urges them to follow her back out. Daniel at first tells Ragina no one is going with her, but as more monsters pour in, he quickly changes his mind and orders the others to follow her. Abby reluctantly obeys. Josh uses temporary blocking spells to free up Grezit and Rufus so they can flee, too, the former only going when Daniel threatens to take away ice-cream for a month.

With just Josh and Daniel left, I'Kjo, immune to magic, breaks through and slashes Josh viciously and severely. Daniel immediately kills I'Kjo in retribution. Josh manages to utter "Save Abby" from his ruined face before dying. As his spells begin to fall, Daniel follows Ragina out of the shop.

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  • The intro for this episode folded Abby and Rufus back into both the character introductions and the theme song. Abby and Josh shared the line mention that Josh had replaced Abby in, and Rufus was moved to a new spot, leaving Alexis in his previous one.
  • Alexis Augustus Armentrout was originally supposed to be in this episode. However, when cast member Joe Morales needed the month off, this was seen as beneficial to the story by allowing even more doubt to be cast on Alexis' loyalties.
  • Wendy Parks' infant daughter, Lucy, makes a cameo in the outtakes at the end of the podcast episode.
  • Tommie's Rotgut was an immediate favorite among the cast and crew.
  • Most of the cast did not know about Josh's death, which was left out of the script that was sent out. As such, their reactions at rehearsal were genuinely sorrowful.
  • The plan had been to kill Josh at the end of the season. But as the story was written, Jerome decided it would be more impactful to take him out before the final battle.
  • This is a bottle episode of a single scene that unfolds in real-time, a rarity for the show, but the first of two in a row, with only a brief break between the two.
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