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"Awshucks, Awshucks" is the second episode of Universe Journey Season One, and was the second segment of Radio Hour Show II. It was podcast episode #7. It was the first episode to star Amanda Iman as Dr. Awshucks.

Written and directed by Jerome Wetzel

Previous episode: "God Man"

Next episode: "The Conundrum With C'mons"

The Story

The crew is losing faith in Kahkay, if they ever had any, as the Thrifty returns, damaged and missing an XO, to Earth. The bad news piles up when Admiral Jamieson tells Kahkay and M- that their chief medical officer was so upset at being left behind that she quit. Jamieson runs through the list of available replacements, but it turns out that Kahkay has slept with all of them. Except one.

Back on the Thrifty, Tokaladie and Who sit awkwardly as a very bad smell drifts out of the bathroom where Foley is holed up.

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M- and Kahkay travel to West Virginia and find Doctor Awshucks drunk on peach schnapps. Taking an early retirement to avoid spaceflight, which she is afraid of almost as much as beamers, Awshucks is running out of money and booze. Kahkay promises her unlimited supplies of the latter if she'll accept the job as the Thrifty's chief medical officer. She reluctantly agrees.

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  • Seamus Talty was not able to attend the second show, hence why his character, Foley, spends the segment in the bathroom. This necessitated a 'fill-in' episode, as Foley is instrumental in the next installment, "The Conundrum With C'mons," intended to be the second. As originally written, Awshucks would have already been on board when the episode started without the fanfare.
  • Cast member Addie Peelle filled in for Seamus as foley artist for this show.
  • Awshucks is afraid of beamers, a trait she shares with Star Trek doctor Bones McCoy.
  • The doctors that Kahkay was slept with are almost all references to TV and film doctors: Quinn (Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman), House (House, M.D.), Danvers (Carol Danvers of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan), Crusher (from Star Trek: The Next Generation), Grey and Yang (from Grey's Anatomy), and Tam (from Firefly).
  • Doctor Who is also among the list of doctors, a throw-away gag for the science fiction franchise of the same name. However, since we already had a character named Who, we made it part of her backstory, and eventually delve deeper into it much later in the series.
  • Nick Arganbright improved a line about how Kahkay slept with Dr. House while Wilson was away. The joke was edited out of the podcast, afraid it went too far breaking the fourth wall.
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