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Chase McCants is an original and current troupe member of It's All Been Done Radio Hour. He was the first person to take over directing duties in the second year of the show and formalize the position. He performs the theme song to Pornstar Detectives, as well the segment he stars in, Packer & Ratcliff.

Chase is also the lead singer and writer for the band, So Long, Stargazer, which performed live for Show XIII.

Chase's Meet the Cast podcast episode was the ninth of that series, released as podcast episode 53.


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Pornstar Detectives

  • Anthony R. Elsa in "And the Case of the Missing Dildo" (rerun at Comfest 2016)
  • Chase the Theme Song Singer in 2019 "Year of Hell."


Chase was the second troupe member to sign on to direct Radio Hour, the first formally, and is currently part of the rotating directing team. He has directed the following live shows: