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Chris Allen is an original and current troupe member, serving as the narrator for It's All Been Done Radio Hour. Starting in early 2018, Chris also became the editor for the It's All Been Done Radio Hour and It's All Been Trekked Before podcasts.

Originally from Chicago, he now lives near Columbus, Ohio and works as a Financial Adviser.

Chris worked at two radio stations in southwestern Michigan and the Chicago 'burbs. He was an on-air personality and a production voice for commercials for eight years. He currently runs a hobby internet station, "OffTheCharts!", featuring pop and rock music from vinyl.

The narrator is the only role Chris originally auditioned for, though he has won a couple of additional parts. He has rarely missed a performance, having narrated all but two monthly and special shows through the end of 2018. In 2019, however, he sat out five monthly shows and all the specials before resigning from the troupe after the February 2020 show. He continues to be the podcast editor and first substitute narrator for the show.

Chris's Meet the Cast was the thirteenth in the series, released as podcast episode 74.


Main Characters

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  • Narrator (all segments and commercials) July 2015 - February 2020

Recurring Characters

Guest Characters

  • Street Person in Universe Journey "City of the Past That, In a Way, Exists Forever" (IABD Classic 2 rerun)
  • TV Reporter in The Topnotch Tangler "Tangler & Friends: Enter the Pyro"
  • Disclaimer Guy in "Saul's Haunted House, Inc." commercial
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