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It's All Been Done Radio Hour was invited back to the Columbus Podcast Meetup for a special, family-friendly holiday performance at their December meeting. They went to RawVoice, Inc. on Tuesday, December 5th at 5:30PM. The event was open to the public.

The show was wrriten and directed by Jerome Wetzel, and consisted of a new segment and commercial. Kristin Green read the intro. This is one of very few IABD performances without an episode of Universe Journey.

It was a joint show with The Magically Unauthorized Misadventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, which immediately followed the IABD commercial. TMUMoR&B is written by cast member Nick Arganbright and voiced by IABD cast members, though is not part of the IABD network.



The show was narrated by Chris Allen.

Actor TTT Commercial
Nick Arganbright Santa
Kristin Green Cindy
Keith Jackson Carl salesman
Joe Morales Carson
Dallas Ray Patrick
Samantha Stark Kim
Shane Stefanchik Grinchmeister
Seamus Talty Lou Jake
Ryan Yohe Bobby Michael
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