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It's All Been Done Radio Hour performed at Comfest on Sunday, June 26, 2016 at 4PM in the Peace Tent, a brutally hot day. It was the third non-monthly show, a sixty minute performance, and it was written and directed by Jerome Wetzel.

The show consisted of a new episode of Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One, new commercials, and two re-run segments. Some roles had substitute casting based on troupe availability, and one key role was even gender-swapped.

During Universe Journey, Samantha Stark made an in-the-moment decision to roll off the back of the stage while playing a dead body. The monsters in Daniel Kravitz promptly followed suit, repeating the visual gag three times.



The show was narrated by Chris Allen.

Actor UJ DKCO PD Commercials
Nick Arganbright Kahkay Brentley
Nathan Haley Daniel Bruce #1 Georgie
Amanda Iman Awshucks Amber
Keith Jackson Jamieson Frazzle
Chase McCants Who Elsa
Addie Peelle Fitzy Gus #2 Robbie
Samantha Stark Sanders Staci
Shane Stefanchik M- Rufus Larry
Seamus Talty Foley Razzle
Virgil Von Hartzel Jeff #1 John
Ryan Yohe Grezit #2 Viktor
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