Daniel Eugene Kravitz is a lead and the titular character of Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One, a segment of It's All Been Done Radio Hour. He is the Chosen One tasked with saving the world from monsters, demons, and assorted other evils, especially the Ultimate Evil. The job comes with superpowers. He complains about his assignment a lot, but also complained about his life prior to being tapped as the Chosen One. According to Abby, he has a weak chin ("Three's Company"). Daniel acts like he hates everyone around him most of the time, and good things like Christmas, but those that know him best believe Daniel cares deeply and just has trouble showing it ("A Rufus Carol"). He is bored by technology. He is familiar with Robin Hood ("Punch").

Daniel does have a specist side, though, against monsters that aren't Grezit the Green. He wishes they would all die so he could stop being the Chosen One ("Cult of B.O.B.").

First appearance: Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One #1.01 "Not Bored for Long"

Number of appearances: 33 (out of 37, as of April 2020)

Actor: Nathan Haley

Episodes Not In

Despite being the titular character of the segment, Daniel did not appear in a few episodes of the series. He does not appear in:

  • #1.07 "Abby Reynolds, Chosen One"
  • #2.01 "Gather 'Round the Fire"
  • #3.04 "...And Sprinkles On Top"
  • #3.10 "Conspiracy Theories"

Daniel only appeared in the opening of the following episodes:

  • #2.06 "They're Back!"

Early Life

From the theme song of the segment, it is known that Daniel was born in the city of Columbus, Ohio. He was very tall as a child, and ostracized for it. He was picked on by his classmates, and called 'Danny Crevice' because his butt crack showed one time. Abby Reynolds was his only friend ("Punch"). As an adult, he compared his height to being like "if Drax and Groot had a baby" ("The Search").

His misery was made worse when his parents died untimely deaths, shortly after he turned eighteen, and he is an only child ("Ragina"). The circumstances of their passing have not been revealed, but his father did leave Daniel an antique shop, Kravitz Antiques, that he owned in the town of Brightside.

Daniel ran the shop with a single employee, Abby, for some time, while living just a few blocks away in a two-bedroom apartment. Daniel didn't particularly like his job, considering antiques "other people's junk." He felt forgotten and collecting dust, like his merchandise ("Punch"). Abby called Daniel 'Danny' when she wanted to annoy him. Daniel actually signed ownership of the shop over to Abby years before the series began, but didn't tell her ("Not Bored for Long").

While Daniel's religion has not been a major plot point, he does believe there is a single god and doesn't approve of polytheism ("Daniel and Grezit's Crazy Christmas").

Daniel has never been to Cabo, which he mistakenly thinks is in Africa ("Pit of Despair").

Daniel knew who Eeyore was, and was familiar with The Brady Bunch ("Jant Braidley").

The Chosen One

One day, Rufus Reginald Rochester came to the antique shop and told Daniel that he was the Chosen One, tasked with saving the world. Daniel didn't believe Rufus, and even once he did, he was resistant to the idea ("Not Bored for Long"). Despite that, Daniel's powers grew and he successfully faced a number of foes. Rufus also trained Daniel in various fighting styles, including martial arts, and the use of archaic weapons, such as the bo staff ("Childish Thing"). Eventually, Daniel even began to embrace his destiny, fighting to protect those who needed it (against a dragon, no less!), even when he didn't have to ("Team Work").

While Daniel had long been a loner, with Abby being his only friend, he embraced those that had proven themselves to him. This included Josh Wallace, who fought by his side to protect Abby ("The Hub"), and Grezit the Green, whom Daniel accepted once Grezit proved he was staying with the group for the right reasons, though he was reluctant to articulate these feelings out loud ("Blumpkin & Felchy").

Rufus, and Daniel's second mentor, Alexis Augustus Armentrout, were provided to Daniel by the U.L.P., the group that has always mentored the Chosen One. Daniel wanted Rufus gone even after Rufus became a trusted ally because Daniel believed Rufus' presence might bring trouble upon them. But Alexis proved that wasn't Rufus' doing, and Daniel began to like having Rufus around ("Betrayed"). It took Daniel much longer to accept Alexis, likely because the younger man ran at the first sign of trouble, showing utter lack of loyalty, honesty, and courage, although Daniel's contempt for Alexis surely sped along Daniel's acceptance of Rufus. Among Alexis' deeds was the injection of a tracking device into Daniel's bloodstream while he slept, which Rufus later removed ("The Safe House").

Daniel almost always avoided killing. The one exception occurred when his friend, Josh, was slain in front of him. Daniel immediately killed the murderer, I'Kjo, in revenge ("Attack on the Homestead").

Daniel and his friends discovered massive corruption in the U.L.P. organization ("Betrayed"). While they looked for evidence of the wrongdoing, the U.L.P. sent ghosts to try to force Rufus to commit suicide ("A Rufus Carol"), and later monsters that pretty much destroyed Kravitz Antiques and killed Josh. Daniel and the others escaped with the help of Ragina ("Attack on the Homestead"). Daniel agreed to work with Ragina to take down the company, but kept her and Alexis, who happened to be absent at the time of the attack, at arm's length, questioning their loyalties.

Ragina's return helped Daniel understand his magical abilities, which Chosen Ones had not exhibited in some time ("The Safe House"). Ragina began to help Daniel train in them, and by the following year, he was able to somewhat control them at will ("On a Boat").

When they confronted the leaders of the group, the U.L.P. tried to kill them. So Daniel and company took down the U.L.P. and rebuilt it themselves.


  • Disappearing Retreat
  • Stun Wave
  • can track enemies (or allies?)
  • ability to rapidly heal

The New U.L.P.

Serving as a member of the U.L.P. Ruling Council and an instructor to new recruits, leading field missions but without a formal mentor, Daniel finally (and temporarily) found happiness in his life, and even enjoyed wearing a cowboy hat ("The New Class"). One of his classes started at 7:20AM, and Daniel was not always on time to teach it ("Mind If I Smoke?").

Despite this, he proved to be a very effective teacher and informal leader. He helped Stephanie Garcia get over the loss of her teammate and find her fighting style, and they became close. He helped Grezit the Green stop moping and see his value to the group ("Jant Braidley"). He helped Corey Addison stop beating herself up after summoning an enenra and killing a kid, being responsible for keeping her in the U.L.P. ("Mind If I Smoke?," "Deceit of Clay," "Cave of Wonders"). In fact, Daniel even started to like Alexis Augustus Armentrout ("Jant Braidley").

Daniel still fought and stopped many villains, such as crazy man Costello ("Jant Braidley"), a golem ("Deceit of Clay"), and a person exacerbating a zombie outbreak by sending the undead through portals to various cities (Packer & Ratcliff "The Pursuit of Packer").

During this time, Daniel began to master his ancient Chosen One powers. But using them too often took a physical toll ("Jant Braidley"). In fact, after the zombie incident, he slept for three days to recover. By mid-Volume 3, having served for four years, Daniel was the longest-lasting Chosen One recorded ("Punch").


Daniel started dating his first girlfriend not long after he became the Chosen One. Her name was Ragina, and she was Rufus Reginald Rochester's niece ("Ragina; Wanda's Wand"). They had a lot of sex, part of Ragina's seduction. She had come to town specifically to get the Chosen One on her side in a personal battle to topple the U.L.P. Her tactics included attacking Abby Reynolds, which was enough to pit Daniel against Ragina. Their relationship ended in a physical altercation ("The Body"). He let her escape to save Grezit the Green.

During this entire time, and even before, Abby was interested in Daniel but hadn't acted on it. It was clear to Ragina that Daniel returned the feelings, and she told him so. Once Ragina was defeated, Daniel went to Abby's bedside and the two soon after became a couple ("A Family Affair").

Their relationship hit a snag early on when Abby, frustrated that Daniel wasn't looking for the missing Rufus, and feeling less than being surrounded by those with world-saving roles, took off to find Rufus herself. Daniel was furious, seeing her departure as a break-up, and hurt deeply that she didn't tell him her plans or let him help ("Betrayed").

Daniel later admitted that worrying about Abby distracted him, so he needed to know she was safe. While gone, she deprived him of that comfort. He doubted how true her feelings were for him, or maybe if she only wants to be with him because he was Chosen One. She convinced him otherwise and apologized, repeatedly. Eventually, Daniel forgave Abby ("On a Boat"). They settled back into a comfortable relationship.

Daniel hopes that, after they kill the Ultimate Evil, he and Abby can settle down and have kids, getting a happy ever after ("Punch"). But she lied to him repeatedly, causing tension that even the trainees began to notice ("Witch Hunt").


  • Daniel appears in more episodes than any other lead, with others sitting out multiple installments. However, Daniel does not appear in every episode, nor in Packer & Ratcliff "The Pursuit of Packer," which features crossover with characters from his segment.
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