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The first non-monthly show for It's All Been Done Radio Hour was at Packrat Comics, the show's former performance site, during their Free Comic Book Day festival on Saturday, May 7, 2016. The show was at 1PM, and ran for forty-five minutes. It was written and directed by Jerome Wetzel, and contained one rerun and one new segment, as well as a new commercial. This was a rare show that did not include Universe Journey, and was family-friendly, more tame than the usual PG-13-esque content.

Local television show Good Day Columbus was on site the morning of the festival to cover the events. Nick Arganbright and Jerome were broadcast on TV reading lines as Packer and Ratcliff.



Chris Allen narrated the show.

Actor TTT DKCO Commercial
Nick Arganbright Greg
Amanda Iman Ragina
Keith Jackson Carl
Joe Morales Carson
Wendy Parks Abby
Addie Peelle Teresa Robbie
Dallas Ray Sexist
Samantha Stark Kim
Shane Stefanchik Rufus
Seamus Talty Josh
Virgil Von Hartzel Gary
Ryan Yohe Grezit Viktor
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