Georgie's Jabs is a commercial segment of It's All Been Done Radio Hour that premiered in early 2016. It is the most often performed such commercial. Starring Georgie Schlotte, who fancies herself 'Gorgeous Georgie,' the lead character hosts a talk show.

The Georgie segments generally involve her interviewing a guest that will be on her show that evening. The guests are usually not famous. It is not clear how they are chosen. The title of each episode is the guest Georgie is interviewing. Sometimes the person's profession is part of the title, sometimes it is just their name.

Georgie seems to exist outside of the established dimensions of the It's All Been Done Radio Hour universe, or else can pull guests from different times and dimensions to come on her show. The details of how this works have not been revealed, but Georgie has spoken with a number of characters that have appeared in various full episodes.

Georgie is an unpleasant person that most people do not find attractive, in either looks or personality. She tends to bully her guests unless they show strong spine, and she hits on the attractive men she interviews. She is foul-mouthed. She often seems to dislike her job, and berates her producer, Jimmy, whether he appears in the segment or not.

This character was created based on Nathan Haley's audition for recurring character Lt. Com. Buzz in Universe Journey. Nathan did not play Buzz, but the voice he used was essentially the same.



# Title Writer Director Live Show Podcast Guest Details
1 "The Wholesome Honey" Jerome Wetzel Jerome Wetzel Show IX C14 The Wholesome Honey is played by Wendy Parks. She first appeared in this commercial, but (as always intended) is now a recurring villain on The Topnotch Tangler.
2 "John the Botanist" Jerome Wetzel Jerome Wetzel Comfest 2016 C24 John is played by Virgil Von Hartzel.
3 "Jackie With the U.S. Treasury" Jerome Wetzel Jerome Wetzel Show XIV C26 Jackie is played by Katie Boissoneault.
4 "Stew Beef" Jerome Wetzel Chase McCants Show XIX C27 Stew Beef is played by Shane Stefanchik and is a motivational speaker selling a video line.
5 "Gamer Girl Allison" Jerome Wetzel Nick Arganbright Show XXI C35 Allison is played by Addie Peelle and is a professional video game champion.
6 "Podcasters Ricky and Bobby" Jerome Wetzel Jerome Wetzel Columbus Podcast Festival 2017 104 Ricky is played by Ryan Yohe and Bobby is played by Seamus Talty.
7 "Author Jerome Wetzel" Jerome Wetzel Katie Boissoneault & Nick Arganbright Show XXIV C44 Jerome Wetzel is the creator of It's All Been Done Radio Hour and played himself. The book plugged in this commercial, Love's Lust Lost, is real.
8 "The Thrupple" Jerome Wetzel Chase McCants Show XXV C48 Jacob is played by Virgil Von Hartzel, Ruth is played by Amanda Iman, and Elliot is played by Shane Stefanchik.
9 "Board Game Creators Rob and Drake" Jerome Wetzel Jerome Wetzel OGP's West Grandview Fringe Festival 2017 C50 Rob is played by Ryan Yohe and Drake is played by Shane Stefanchik.
10 "Granny Gonzo" Jerome Wetzel Dallas Ray Show XXVI C52 Granny Gonzo is played by Kristin Green here, and was previously played by Katelyn Hamilton in the Pornstar Detectives episode "And the Case of the Missing Youth" and in two stand-alone commercials.
11 "Space Janitor Nigel" Jerome Wetzel Nick Arganbright Show XXXI C64 Nigel is played by Keith Jackson. He appears later in this same live show as a character in the Packer & Ratcliff episode "Spacey-Wacey."
12 "Grezit the Green" Jerome Wetzel Chase McCants Show XXXIV C73 Grezit the Green is played by Ryan Yohe and is a lead character in Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One.
13 "Dr. Awshucks" Jerome Wetzel Dallas Ray Show XXXVII C88 Dr. Awshucks is played by Amanda Iman and was a lead character in Universe Journey.
14 "The Wave" Jerome Wetzel Nick Agranbright Show XL C96 Nick is played Nick Arganbright and discusses MadLab's actual play The Wave That Set the Fire as well as Four Tea Too's production Full Exposure.
15 "The Ringling Brothers" Jerome Wetzel Kristin Green Show XLIII Al is played by Joe Morales, Gus is played by Dan Condo, John is played by Ryan Yohe. Semi-historically accurate.
16 "Survey Time" Jerome Wetzel Nick Arganbright Show XLV Used to make the audience actually fill out surveys.
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