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"God Man" is the first episode of Universe Journey Season One, and was the first segment of Radio Hour Show I, performed July 11, 2015 at Packrat Comics in Hilliard, Ohio. It was also the first episode of the Radio Hour podcast, released on January 3, 2016. Here is the podcast episode.

Written and directed by Jerome Wetzel

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Next episode: "Awshucks, Awshucks"

The Story

Kahkay takes command of the A.S.S. Thrifty and meets his crew. One such member is the XO, Kahkay's old pal Garry Marshall. Garry has seen better days, and copes with his depression by making lots of references to his 20th century namesake, the producer. Still, Kahkay is glad to be with his friend, whom he certainly likes better than all the losers Adm. Jamieson has stuck him with. Especially science officer M-, who protests that he is evil a bit too much.
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Excited to get started, Kahkay orders the starsheep off, without its chief medical officer, to a deserted planet. While exploring, Garry is taken over by an energy-based being named Zeusifer. Zeusifer takes over the Thrifty for his own purposes, but pushes the engines too hard and damages them. He soon becomes unstable in Garry's body, so Kahkay takes Zeusifer/Garry back to the deserted planet in a shuttle, where the being explodes. Thankfully, the Thrifty shows up and rescues Kahkay before Zeusifer can find a new host.

Guest Starring

Joe Morales as Commander Garry Marshall


  • Doctor Awshucks does not appear in this episode, and is not even the chief medical officer yet. The original chief medical office is not named, but quits after being left on Earth.
  • There are many, many references to the work of producer/writer Garry Marshall in this episode.
  • This episode is a parody of the original Star Trek pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before," which also feature's the captain's old pal being taken over by an energy-based life form. Captain Kirk is forced to fight and kill Gary Mitchell on a deserted planet to prevent the being from getting out.
  • In "Where No Man Has Gone Before," the tombstone Gary Mitchell makes for Captain Kirk reads 'James R. Kirk." For the rest of the series, Kirk is known as 'James T. Kirk.' In tribute, Captain Kahkay's middle initial changes frequently throughout the series.
  • Most of the dialogue from this episode appears in the Universe Journey novel, Love's Lust Lost, which reveals the unspoken thoughts of crewmen, including Kahkay and Garry, during these events.
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