IABD After Dark is an experimental, non-canon version of It's All Been Done Radio Hour. It features members of the regular Radio Hour troupe performing familiar characters, often their own regular roles, but in news ways. There is part-swapping, madlibs, improv, and filthy versions of the traditional stories.

After Dark 1

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IABD After Dark was first performed Friday, May 25, 2018 at 10PM at MadLab theatre as part of MadLab's Friday Night Afterwords series. It was primarily sex and porn themed. It was written and directed by Jerome Wetzel. A trailer was released for this show.

The show opened with a modified version of the "Welcome to Our Show" theme song.

The first segment was an improv-ed episode of Packer & Ratcliff called "A Random Adventure," starring Chase McCants, Dallas Ray, and Nick Arganbright, with Kristin Green serving as narrator and performer wrangler. Based on audience suggestion, the leads visited modern-day Tokyo, with Shane Stefanchik, Samantha Stark, Ryan Yohe, and Seamus Talty trying to avoid racist accents by portraying the guest parts as American, Icelandic, and Russia characters visiting the city. The guys had to help an adult film crew find their missing equipment.

In the first commercial, Dallas had to improv as Georgie Schlotte, with Ryan and Nick being potential love interests and interview subjects. Creator Jerome Wetzel narrated.

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The second segment was a new episode of The Topnotch Tangler, "Crazy Cupid's Carnal Coitus," with parts drawn from a hat. Shane narrated, with Kristin playing Kim, Samantha playing Carl, and Jerome playing Carson. Chase McCants portrayed villain Crazy Cupid, with Seamus Talty as sidekick Greg and grabbed-from-the-audience Stephen Woosley as The Pall. The baddie had a scent to make a person fall in love with another, and characters hooked up because of a series of accidents.

The second commercial found Cowboy Joe (Keith Jackson) and Pirate Jack (Seamus) meeting while the former tried to peddle a cock ring.

The final segment was a new episode of Universe Journey, "Shipping Accomplished," in which the characters pairing up and screwing one another. Dallas narrated, with Nick, Shane, Seamus, Chase, Kristin, Keith, Ryan, and Samantha playing their regular parts.

The entire performance was released as podcast #175. Edited portions of the rehearsal, including improv-ed sections, was released on a Wednesday (like a commercial) as Bonus #1.

After Dark 2

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IABD After Dark 2 was performed Friday, December 7, 2018 at 10PM as part of MadLab's Friday Night Afterwords series. It was considerably less dirty than the first, and featured less improv. It was written and directed by Jerome Wetzel.

There was no opening theme, nor any theme songs.

The first segment was an episode of Universe Journey called "Away Mission." Nick Arganbright played Captain Kahkay and Shane Stefanchik played Lt. Com. M-. Nick had a script, and Shane had to make up his own lines. No matter what Shane said, Nick delivered the next line as written.

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The second segment was also Universe Journey, with Kristin Green as Neu and Samantha Stark as Bernie. The episode, called "Bad News," was done madlibs-style, with audience suggested words inserted into a finished script.

The third segment was Pornstar Detectives "Bruce Looks for New Talent." Dallas Ray played Bruce, and characters from other segments auditioned for him to represent them. The potential clients were Frank Berry (Shane), Grezit the Green (Ryan Yohe), and Nicholas Ratcliff (Dallas, having to switch back and forth between the two roles).

In the fourth segment, Morning Show "The Confession," Keith Jackson played Pat Shock, reading from a script, while Kristin was Shelly sans-script, just like in segment 1.

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Segment five was another madlibs bit for The Topnotch Tangler "The Mad Madlibber." Samantha played Kim / The Topnotch Tangler, Nick was Greg, and Ryan was the titular villain.

The sixth segment was a mini-musical called Packer & Ratcliff "Mini-Musical." The involved all seven cast members, with parts drawn from a hat for Packer, Ratcliff, TIM, the villain, and the three townspeople that needed help. All songs were a capella and unscripted.

The complete show and rehearsal clips are available exclusively to Patreon donors.

Suggested Music

Cast member Keith Jackson suggests songs that would go well with these episodes. The music was not used in the show, nor were any rights obtained.

Song Artist Relevant Segment Notes
"Float Away" Excision Universe Journey "Away Mission" Kahkay and M- prepare for a mission, but only Kahkay has a script.
"Frankly, Mr. Shankly" The Smiths Pornstar Detectives "Bruce Looks for New Talent" The title could be Frank's pornstar name, and the lyrics deal with confronting an entertainment manager.
"Down on the Farm" Guns N' Roses Packer & Ratcliff "Mini-Musical" Packer and Ratcliff try to help save a farm while the characters attempt to perform a musical without any music!
"Farmer Refuted" Hamilton soundtrack Packer & Ratcliff "Mini-Musical"
"Simon Says" Drain STH Packer & Ratcliff "Mini-Musical" Simon The Banker has come to evict the farmer and his family.

After Dark 3

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IABD After Dark 3 was performed on Saturday, August 10, 2019 at 10PM. It was written and directed by Jerome Wetzel. There was no opening song or any theme songs.

The first segment was Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One "I Choose You, Danny-poo." Everyone on the ranch begins hooking up, which interrupts Daniel (Nathan Haley) and Abby's alone time. It turns out that Alfredo and Rufus are accidentally spreading magic during their weekly trysts. A Georgie's Jabs commercial finds the host hooking up with Cowboy Joe (Keith Jackson).

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The second segment was Privates, with Jake Cotton and Frank Berry. Shane Stefanchik, who played, Frank, did not have a script and had to improv his dialogue. There was then an original Evangalien commercial in which Celestene (Samantha Stark) discovered the joys of sin.

Segment three was a new episode of Universe Journey in which the lead characters were given ticks or accents chosen by the audience, and the rest of the cast had to do an alien voice created by the audience. The following commercial segment was a Halftime Report where Kristin Green, as Cheryl, didn't have a script and had to improv dialogue.

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Segment four was a Morning Show report done in Madlibs style with inserted words from audience suggestion. Commercial four was Tina's "Wires," in which the saleswoman was revealed to be a serial killer.

Segment five was a scripted crossover in which the cast got to reprise their favorite guest voices. These were mostly villains, who plotted the revenge of one of their own until law enforcement broke it up.

Besides the above, the show also starred Nick Arganbright and Ryan Yohe.

The complete show and rehearsal clips are available exclusively to Patreon donors.

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