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Welcome to the It's All Been Done Presents Wiki

It's All Been Done Presents is an entertainment network of podcasts, written work, video series, and more based in Columbus, Ohio. It was founded by Jerome Wetzel in 2016 as an expansion of the show It's All Been Done Radio Hour. Originally, it was a podcast feed that housed multiple podcasts. Later, it became a website listing many programs.

Some programs are produced by the network itself. Some are produced independently and partner with the network for advertising purposes.

In the summer of 2019, the network decided to refocus only on work it produces itself, dissolving all partner podcast contracts on September 30th. A few network-produced shows were also dropped.

It's All Been Done Presents Programs

Produced Podcasts

Written Work

Video Series

  • It's All Been Done Radio Hour: Backstage
  • Quarterly Book Club
  • Nikki Tells You How to Live Your Life

Former Programs

  • Amanda's Picture Show A Go Go (formerly The Oscars Are My Superbowl)
  • The Good, The Bad, & The Geeky
  • It's All Been Done: A Barenaked Ladies Podcast
  • Jim's Dailey by Jerome Wetzel
  • Life's Gummy
  • Marianne's Macabre Review
  • Pop Culture A Go Go
  • Squatch Smashers
  • Syndicated Nightmares
  • Today's The Day
  • That One Sports Show

Staff Members

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