Josh Wallace is a lead character in Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One, a segment of It's All Been Done Radio Hour. He has brown hair, hazel eyes, and is allergic to strawberries ("Witch Hunt"). He likes to wear kilts. He loves cookies, eggnog, and family ("A Rufus Carol").

Josh is a complex individual, having shown great loyalty and bravery, but also having been underhanded and selfish, too. Much of this seems to stem from his need to feel like he belongs, and once he achieves that, he becomes a better person.

First appearance: Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One #1.07 "Abby Reynolds, Chosen One"

Last appearance: Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One #3.17 "Ready Player Chosen One"

Number of appearances in Daniel Kravitz: 24

Number of appearances in Packer & Ratcliff: 1

Actor: Seamus Talty

Episodes Not In

After appearing in two episodes of Volume 1, Josh became a lead character in Volume 2. Since that time, he did not appear in the following episodes:

  • #2.01 "Gather 'Round the Fire"
  • #2.10 "The Safe House"
  • #2.11 "On a Boat"
  • #3.02 "Mind If I Smoke?"
  • #3.06 "...And Sprinkles On Top"
  • #3.10 "Conspiracy Theories"
  • #3.13 "Daniel Kravitz of Antique Shop vs. Geralt of Rivia"
  • #3.15 "Young Rufus"
  • #3.18 "With Great Power..."

Josh appeared only in the intro of the following episodes:

  • #2.06 "They're Back!"
  • #3.07 "Punch"
  • #3.12 "Words You Don't Want to Hear"


Josh first encountered Abby Reynolds as a barista serving her coffee. He was enamored with her, but didn't know how to approach. Instead of being direct, he cast a spell that made Abby the Chosen One and cast himself as her best friend, the role she filled for Daniel Kravitz. Eventually, seeing the error of his ways, he ended the magic, restoring things as they were ("Abby Reynolds, Chosen One").

The sorcerer had originally told the group he had gotten the spell from someone else, not revealing the power was his, and he also said he'd go away, as Abby demanded. Neither of these were true. Josh continued to watch the group from afar, knowing that Ragina was untrustworthy, but not sure how to make Abby and the others see that. He stepped in to save Abby's life when Fizzybibbit and Wanda the Witch tried to kill her. Josh also saved Rufus from Wanda, killing the witch with his magic ("A Family Affair"). Daniel was so grateful that he befriended Josh and eventually incorporated him into the group, much to Abby's chagrin ("The Hub").

During this time, Josh also continued his magical studies, eventually becoming relatively proficient in spell-casting. He proved himself invaluable, helping hide Grezit the Green's non-human appearance when going out in public, and fighting monsters, although he could not alter Grezit's height or voice, and the magic would only last for a day or two if not removed ("The Search"). He did say tracking spells are particularly difficult, and could not do them. He was able to stop a monster's claw from harming Daniel, but couldn't hurt Alexis despite trying ("The Search"). And while he could do large spells that altered memory and reality, he found erasing specific memories much harder ("Desperate Times").

Eventually, he was accepted, even by Abby ("A Rufus Carol; Attack on the Homestead"), as one of their own, and ran Kravitz Antiques when Abby was unavailable. During this time, he struggled with the morality of what he had done and tried to avoid repeating mistakes as well as make amends ("Desperate Times").

Then the U.L.P. sent an army of monsters against Daniel's group. Josh cast temporarily spells to hold the monsters off while his friends escaped. He was almost done when one, I'Kjo, who was not affected by magic, and managed to kill Josh. Daniel immediately slew I'Kjo in revenge ("Attack on the Homestead").


When Daniel and the others attacked the U.L.P. headquarters, they encountered an alive Josh, who said the U.L.P. rescued him from death. Josh retained his memories, but had lost all magical powers. He begged Daniel to save him, calling death "so dark." He was rescued and went home with Daniel and the others ("Into the Darkness," "Pit of Despair").

In the new U.L.P., Josh was a member of the Ruling Council and kept the agenda at their meetings. He was replaced as the resident sorcerer, though, and often sent out on errands ("The New Class"). He was interested in the totem of the Thunderbird ("Recall Me, Maybe"). He did start to show some other sides, though, such as supporting Abby even when she was crossing a line, and rejecting Grezit's romantic overtures more forcefully (Packer & Ratcliff "The Pursuit of Packer"). But the group kept him at arm's length, despite him not giving them any reason to suspect him of anything.

In fact, Josh's friends already suspected he wasn't Josh, and might actually be Bertram Oswalt Babbit, an enemy, in Josh's body. This seemed to be confirmed when Bertram's followers, the Cult of B.O.B., showed up on the ranch and attempted to complete the two-part soul transference spell, hoping to bring Bertram forth fully in Josh's body, or maybe restore Bertram's body. The spell was confusing and unclear, but likely caused issues, such as Josh not sleeping well after the spell was incomplete for more than a year.

What is known is that cult member Jerry, a janitor, was sacrificed into a cauldron, and a man-shaped spirit flew out of the cauldron and into Josh. What isn't known is how and if that changed him, though some part of Jerry lives in Josh, and afterward, he denied being Bertram, but Daniel kept him locked up until they could figure out who he was ("Cult of B.O.B.").

Abby Reynolds interrogated Josh thoroughly first hooking him up to a lie detector, then a tractor battery. She demanded to know who Not-Josh was, both right after his resurrection and now. He claimed he didn't know, but said he felt he belonged here and had nowhere else to go. He said he had rough memories of Josh, but other personalities in his head, and not sure who all was there, except not Bertram. He wanted to keep contributing to the group. Kai Akane reported this all to be true based on the lie detector ("Witch Hunt"). Josh even told Fran that he wasn't Bertram ("Cave of Wonders").

When Abby eventually crossed the line, seemingly shocking Not-Josh into unconsciousness, Kai was left alone with Not-Josh. Josh wondered why Kai hadn't actually hooked him up the battery and Kai said for the same reason Kai had told Abby that Josh didn't know who he was. Kai and Josh asked each other for their real identities, though the scene stopped before the audience heard ("Deceit of Clay").

Before Kai fled the ranch, he attempted to free Not-Josh. Not-Josh replied he wasn't ready to leave his cell yet. Kai stated that Not-Josh intended to kill members of the group, and Not-Josh cryptically replied that maybe they all didn't have to die. Not-Josh knows something is coming, and intends to stay and wait a bit longer. Not-Josh warns Kai not to take on someone else's vendetta as their own, and Not-Josh says he doesn't owe anyone anything now; it's his turn to decide his fate. Not-Josh is vague in parts of this conversation, and it seems like he may want Kai to believe he's someone other than who he really is ("Maneuvers").

Not-Josh does get out of his cell and attempts to stop Kai's plan to suck everyone on the ranch into a computer. He is mostly successful, but he, Daniel, Rufus, and Grezit do end up trapped ("A Chosen One Walks Into a Bar") and have to play their way through a video game to get out. While inside, Not-Josh confesses he is actually Mortimer. Mortimer exits the game back in his own body ("Ready Player Chosen One").

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