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Life With a Voice Actor is a commercial segment of It's All Been Done Radio Hour. It was created and written by Samantha Stark on her own, the first recurring part of the show not at least partially developed by creator Jerome Wetzel.

Life With consists of commercials for a reality television show, which premiered on consecutive months in the spring of 2018. Each bit introduces another pair of characters, at least one of whom is a voice actor, and are generally unhappy in their relationship. The episode title is the last name of the couple.

The commercial was originally called The Real Housewives of Voice Actors, but it was renamed to avoid any potential copyright issues.

In January 2020, the characters returned in a full-length segment also penned by Samantha.


  • Ben Callihan played by Nick Arganbright. Ben is a man of many, many voices. He switches from sentence to sentence, making it hard to know what his real voice is.
  • Victoria Callihan played by Kristin Green. Victoria was enamored with Ben's broad talents when they met and fell in love. Now, after years together, she is over it and finds him extremely annoying.
  • Emily Cooper played by Samantha Stark. Emily was a successful voice actor with her own show until she met and married Logan. Then, the producers not only cast him, but killed off her character. She tries very hard not to let her jealousy show.
  • Logan Cooper played by Seamus Talty. Logan was accidentally discovered as a voice actor, and has found great success without any effort whatsoever, even starring in a spin-off of his wife's cancelled show. He is oblivious to her feelings about the issue.
  • Jerry La Fontaine played by Keith Jackson. Jerry is a talented voice actor who mostly does voice over work, due to his sweet, deep tones. He would like to stretch his abilities, maybe into animation, but his husband won't let him.
  • Terry La Fontaine played by Ryan Yohe. Terry is Jerry's manager who closely guards Jerry's tool. He refuses to let Jerry speak unnecessarily and makes all the career decisions for him.


# Title Writer Director Live Show Podcast
1 "The Callihans" Samantha Stark Chase McCants Show XXXIV C74
2 "The Coopers" Samantha Stark Dallas Ray Show XXXV C76
3 "The La Fontaines" Samantha Stark Nick Arganbright Show XXXVI C83


# Title Writer Director Live Show Podcast
1 "The Big Audition" Samantha Stark Kristin Green Show LV
2 "Maisy Meets Her Maker" Jerome Wetzel Samantha Stark Show LIX
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