This page lists all the characters in Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One, a segment of It's All Been Done Radio Hour.

Daniel's Team

Antique Shop Group

  • Daniel Kravitz. The current Chosen One, tasked with saving the world from the Ultimate Evil, monsters, and other bad things.
  • Abby Reynolds. Daniel's best friend. She worked at the antique shop and pined after Daniel. Now she heads the new U.L.P. and Daniel is her boyfriend.
  • Rufus Reginald Rochester. Daniel's original mentor from the U.L.P., now instructs and works with texts as the new U.L.P.
  • Grezit the Green. A Gahroo that Daniel beheaded. First a prisoner, then a member of the team. Grezit helps train recruits for combat in the new U.L.P.
  • Josh Wallace. A sorcerer who bewitched the group, but then joined them. He was seemingly killed by monsters, but apparently saved and healed by the U.L.P. Except, he wasn't, and it is unknown who now resides in his body.
  • Alexis Augustus Armentrout. Daniel's second mentor, Alexis helped instruct recruits and worked with texts at the new U.L.P. until he left to help his family, who were in peril.

The New U.L.P.

  • Alfredo. The resident sorcerer.
  • Corey Addison (a.k.a. Squeezy). A trainee who summons a smoke demon that will not rest until it executes her.
  • Dawn Vaughn. A technophile who loves to invent and mess with gadgets. She has a crush on Corey.
  • Kai Akane. A suck-up who has a secret agenda.
  • Khoo. The administrator of the ranch.
  • Novir. A monk-trained trainee with a great destiny.
  • Stephanie Garcia. The French trainee who becomes Daniel's protege.
  • Voldare. The changeling caretaker of the grounds.

Former Team Members

  • Humphrey Jacobs. A Canadian who hung out with Stephanie and Kai.
  • Ragina. Rufus' niece and one-time lover of Daniel who works for Kali.

Other Characters


  • Anna. Friend of Marge who mostly gives monosyllabic responses.
  • Anne Ackermann. A teenage girl who gets involved with a golem.
  • Bertram Oswalt Babbit. Cyril's muscle who helps lead the U.L.P.
  • Calleth Penrose. A mysterious man who has worked with the U.L.P. both old and new, and does something sort of like magic, but not.
  • Carter. Member of the Cult of B.O.B.
  • Chandler Leclerc. The third Chosen One that Rufus mentored, returned as a ghost.
  • Costello. A crazy man who escaped from a mental institution and tried to summon an evil deity.
  • Cyril Davies. The head of the U.L.P. for several years before the series began and through the end of Volume 2.
  • Detective Porter. A cop who helps Daniel investigate a golem.
  • Fran. Leader of a sect of the Cult of B.O.B.
  • Fu Miu. The second Chosen One that Rufus mentored, returned as a ghost.
  • Gary. A human man who raised and bullied his sister, who could turn into an ogre.
  • Gwen. A mugger in Cardiff, Wales.
  • Henri Longbottom. An associate of Rufus' that lives in Cardiff, at least as of mid-Volume 2.
  • Jerry. Member of the Cult of B.O.B.
  • Kelly. Michelle Meyers' contact and source.
  • Leavitt Halpern. A teenage boy who summons a golem.
  • Marge Olsen. A woman who wants to buy a lamp.
  • Matt Alborough. The first Chosen One that Rufus mentored, returned as a ghost.
  • Michelle Meyers. A conspiracy theorist tracking the U.L.P.
  • Montana. A wife on vacation, looking for chocolate.
  • Nan. A furniture store owner that Rufus dated in Volume 1.
  • Ned Finnegan. A high school classmate of Daniel and Abby's.
  • Officer Carmichael. A beat cop in Brightside, Ohio.
  • Rhys. A mugger in Cardiff Wales.
  • Rupert Pryce. An intelligent advisor to Cyril, helping to lead the U.L.P.
  • Stacey Andrews. A high school classmate of Daniel and Abby's.
  • Ted. A very friendly Texan husband.
  • Wanda the Witch. A woman with magical powers.


  • Amara Armentrout. Alexis' wife.
  • Borot. A big, peaceful monster from another dimension.
  • Deli. Servent to Monbo.
  • Dunuld Drag.
  • Dr'Foog.
  • E'Kjo. Brother of I'Kjo, he wants revenge on his sibling's killer.
  • Fizzybibbit. A sometimes-invisible monster who is the star of childhood nightmares.
  • Frazzle. One of three demon brothers.
  • Gigaxx. A monster who calls together other monsters for a summit.
  • I'Kjo. A small, furry monster.
  • Jeff. One of three demon brothers.
  • Joey the Gnome. A gnome that takes over Gigaxx's group of monsters.
  • Monbo. A leader who urges rebellion in The Subworlds.
  • Peggy Pugley. A young gernumblie who is very mischievous and destructive.
  • Pootie Pugley. A young gernumblie who is very mischievous and destructive.
  • Pr-Pratt. A judgmental monster with a stutter.
  • Razzle. One of three demon brothers.
  • Rotgut, Slayer of Chosen Ones. A large monster who attempts to kill Daniel Kravitz.
  • Sheila. The demon mother of Peggy and Pootie, and an ex-flame of Rufus.
  • Sophie Armentrout. Alexis' daughter.
  • Teresa. A young woman who sometimes turned into an ogre.
  • Trexel the Terrible. Grezit the Green's mate prior to the series beginning.
  • Zagor the Murderous. A leathery pterodactyl-like monster.


  • "giant worm creature with teeth and pincers" Rufus said to be a minion of the Ultimate Evil, although he later admitted to not having a clue what it was ("Not Bored for Long," "Get Out"). Not voiced.
  • monster with razor-sharp fangs and a wingspan bigger than a truck, which Daniel slays ("Ragina"). Not voiced.
  • A bognarok ("Team Work"). Not voiced. Can hunt across dimensions.
  • A giant ("Blumpkin & Felchy").
  • The enenra. A yōkai made of smoke who judges whether people are pure of heart. If it finds they are not, it executes them ("Mind If I Smoke?").
  • A hooded figure that spies on Daniel and Abby's high school reunion and wears robes similar to the Cult of B.O.B. and has magic skills. He takes a cyanide pill before ever speaking in the story ("Punch"). Not voiced.
  • The golem. Summoned by a teenager who didn't understand the magic ("Witch Hunt;" "Deceit of Clay").


  • The Christmas Spirit. Not at all nice (according to Grezit) and hates singing. Grezit fought her once ("A Rufus Carol").
  • Georgina. A mutual friend of Rufus and Henri's whom Rufus stayed with briefly during his search for Ragina ("They're Back!").
  • Human Sacrifice. A woman kidnapped by one sect of the Cult of B.O.B., who kicked a member in the balls and escaped ("Cult of B.O.B.")
  • Mortimer. The mentor immediately preceding Rufus who died in the line of duty ("Gather 'Round the Fire").
  • Portal Gentleman. A man who used portals to scatter zombies to different cities during the zombie outbreak in July 2019. He was stopped and his portals confiscated (Packer & Ratcliff "The Pursuit of Packer," "Punch").
  • Sarulic the Nighteater. A diety of immense power ("Jant Braidley").
  • Tiffany. A high school classmate of Daniel and Abby ("Punch").
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