It's All Been Done Radio Hour's monthly shows.

Packrat Comics 2015 - 2016

Show Date Time Director Notes
Show I July 11 7PM Jerome Wetzel Billed as 'Inaugural Show' on the program. First Universe Journey, The Scary Dead, and Pornstar Detectives.
Show II August 8 7PM Jerome Wetzel Roman numeral system for show names begins. First Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One and The Topnotch Tangler.
Show III September 12 7PM Jerome Wetzel Ryan Yohe and Dan Condo's first show.
Show IV October 10 7PM Jerome Wetzel Virgil Von Hartzel's first show.
Show V November 14 7PM Jerome Wetzel
Show VI December 12 7PM Jerome Wetzel Hosted by Daniel Kravitz and Grezit the Green in a framework story.
Show VII January 9 7PM Jerome Wetzel
Show VIII February 13 7PM Jerome Wetzel

MadLab 2016

Show Date Time Director Notes
Show IX March 12 3:30PM Jerome Wetzel First show in a theatre, and first show a ticket price is charged.
Show X April 9 3:30PM Jerome Wetzel
Show XI May 14 3:30PM Jerome Wetzel
Show XII June 11 3:30PM Jerome Wetzel
Show XIII July 16 3:30PM Jerome Wetzel First anniversary with musical guests So Long, Stargazer covering theme songs. This was the 3rd Saturday of the month, one of four shows in 2016 that moves off of the 2nd Saturday pattern. This show last about an hour and forty-five minutes.
Show XIV August 20 3:30PM Jerome Wetzel 3rd Saturday of the month.
Show XV September 3 3:30PM Jerome Wetzel 1st Saturday of the month, only two weeks after previous show (shortest time ever between monthly shows). Kristin Green's first time acting in the show.
Show XVI October 8 3:30PM Chase McCants The first time the show had a formal director.
Show XVII November 19 3:30PM Chase McCants The Nathan Event - three connected segments. The first crossover! The first time a lead character is killed. First full-length Packer & Ratcliff. Also, it was the 3rd Saturday of the month. Six weeks after previous show (longest time ever between shows).
Show XVIII December 10 3:30PM Chase McCants Gather 'Round the Fire - all segments have this same title, and four stories are couched in a Universe Journey framework. The segments are all backstories being revealed in flashback, with their own present-timeline frameworks. The show was approximately 90 minutes long.

MadLab 2017

Show Date Time Director Notes
Show XIX January 14 5:30PM Chase McCants The show officially and permanently expanded to 80 minutes beginning this month (though Show XIII and XVIII were also longer than an hour). Guest-starring Jesse Thorn.
Show XX February 11 5:30PM Chase McCants First time Jerome shared writing credit, co-writing a segment with Nick Arganbright.
Show XXI March 11 5:30PM Nick Arganbright Rotation of directors begins. This is the first time there are two episodes of the same segment in one live show, and both parts are written by Nick Arganbright, the first episodes Jerome didn't write on.
Show XXII April 8 5:30PM Nick Arganbright & Katie Boissoneault Karen Perta's first show.
Show XXIII May 13 5:30PM Chase McCants This was the first time a segment ended, with The Scary Dead performing a series finale.
Show XXIV June 10 5:30PM Katie Boissoneault & Nick Arganbright
Show XXV July 15 5:30PM Chase McCants The first mini-musical. This was the only show not on the 2nd Saturday this year, occurring on the 3rd Saturday instead. Last show with the full original troupe, as it is Addie Peelle's final show.
Show XXVI August 12 5:30PM Dallas Ray Guest-starring Justin McElroy.
Show XXVII September 9 5:30PM Nick Arganbright
Show XXVIII October 14 5:30PM Katie Boissoneault & Dallas Ray Guest-starring Justin McElroy.
Show XXIX November 11 5:30PM Nick Arganbright This is the first show written completely by someone other than Jerome, in this case, Nick Arganbright. While other segments seem to appear, it's actually one big Universe Journey episode and is not canon to other stories.
Show XXX December 9 5:30PM Chase McCants Second mini-musical. Katelyn Hamilton's last show.

MadLab 2018

Show Date Time Director Notes
Show XXXI January 13 4:30PM Nick Arganbright The show was earlier to accommodate another theatre company at MadLab.
Show XXXII February 10 5:30PM Chase McCants
Show XXXIII March 10 5:30PM Dallas Ray
Show XXXIV April 14 5:30PM Chase McCants
Show XXXV May 12 4:30PM Dallas Ray The show was earlier so that Radio Hour could participate in the Columbus Podcast Festival. Pornstar Detectives series finale.
Show XXXVI June 9 5:30PM Nick Arganbright
Show XXXVII July 14 5:30PM Dallas Ray Amanda Iman's last show.
Show XXXVIII August 11 5:30PM Chase McCants The first hour-long musical.
Show XXXIX September 8 5:30PM Nick Arganbright First episode of Privates.
Show XL October 13 5:30PM Nick Arganbright
Show XLI November 10 5:30PM Nick Arganbright
Show XLII December 8 5:30PM Chase McCants Virgil Von Hartzel's last show as a troupe member.

MadLab 2019

Show Date Time Director Notes
Show XLIII January 12 5PM Kristin Green Kristin Green's first time directing.
Show XLIV February 9 5PM Samantha Stark Samantha Stark's first time directing.
Show XLV March 9 5PM Nick Arganbright
Show XLVI April 13 5PM Nick Arganbright
Show XLVII May 11 5PM Kristin Green Modeled after host site, MadLab's, annual shorts festival, this show was made up of shorts instead of full segments. Guest-starring Adam Pranaka and Benjamin Ahr Harrison.
Show XLVIII June 8 5PM Samantha Stark
Show XLIX July 13 5PM Samantha Stark The first 80-minute story, a zombie-themed anniversary show starring Packer, Ratcliff, TIM, and Larry.
Show L August 10 5PM Dallas Ray The 50th live show and Packer & Ratcliff was the 250th podcast episode.
Show LI September 14 5PM Kristin Green
Show LII October 12 5PM Dallas Ray
Show LIII November 9 5PM Nick Arganbright
Show LIV December 14 5PM Chase McCants

MadLab / Live Stream 2020

The coronavirus pandemic forced the show out of the theatre and online in the spring of 2020, with each performer in their own home.

Show Date Time Director Notes
Show LV January 11 5PM Kristin Green Life With a Voice Actor premieres with its first full segment.
Show LVI February 8 5PM Nick Arganbright Chris Allen and Dallas Ray's last show as troupe members.
Show LVII March 14 5PM Nick Arganbright Guest-starring Janet Varney.
Instagram Live Short March 28 1PM Samantha Stark 5-Minute Show from what would have been Roulette 2.
Show LVIII April 11 5PM Samantha Stark Show switches to free Live Streams on YouTube.
Show LIX May 9th 5PM Samatha Stark
Show LX June 6th 5PM Kristin Green
Show LXI July 11 5PM Jerome Wetzel 5th-anniversary show, featuring an 80-minute episode of The Topnotch Tangler. Karen Perta's last show as a troupe member.
Show LXII August 8 5PM Samantha Stark
Show LXIII September 12 5PM Samantha Stark Show begins charging for Live Streams on YouTube.
Show LXIV October 10 5PM Nick Arganbright Seamus Talty's last show as a troupe member.
Slow LXV November 14 5PM Kristin Green
Show LXVI December 12 5PM Chase McCants

Kristin Green is directing January 2021. Nick Arganbright is directing a special Packer & Ratcliff show in 2020, schedule TBD.

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