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Matt Schlichting was the thirty-eighth guest star in It's All Been Done Radio Hour. He has appeared twelve times, including once with the improv troupe Full Frontal Nudity.

Matt also wrote The EPA commercial "Climate Change" and co-wrote "Air."

Role Segment Episode Live Show
Michael Pornstar Detectives "Barbara Jean" Show XXVI
The Pool Man Universe Journey "The Universe Journey RPG Event" (The Topnotch Tangler "Lucy in Disguise With Diamonds") Show XXIX
Com. Johnson Universe Journey "Eee Zee Aaa" Show XXXII
"The Dream" Show XXXIII
"Spring Break" Show XXXIV
Zagor the Murderous Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One "Attack on the Homestead" Show XXXII
"...And Sprinkles On Top" Show XLVII
"With Great Power..." Show LXV
improviser The Topnotch Tangler "FFN's Date Night: Kim and Carl" Show XLIV
Ripping Rascal The Topnotch Tangler "Turtle Township" Show XLVII
Angelo Packer & Ratcliff "A Day in the Life of TIM" Show XLVII
"Bohemian Nights" Oops... All Packer & Ratcliffs
"Zombie Jesus" Oops... All Packer & Ratcliffs
"The Tea Party" Oops... All Packer & Ratcliffs
"The Origin of Cowboy Joe" Oops... All Packer & Ratcliffs
Pyro and the Toy Narrator The Topnotch Tangler "Tangler & Friends: Enter the Pyro" Show XLVII
Foley (substitute casting) Universe Journey "The Best of Times" Show LIV
"The Worst of Times" Show LV
himself One-off Commercial "The Medes Promo" Show LIV
Hooligan Packer & Ratcliff "Medieval Times" Show LIV
"The Quest" Show LV
"Two Towers" Show LVI