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Mystery Dream Team is a segment of It's All Been Done Radio Hour. It was the eighth segment created by Jerome Wetzel for the show, premiering in June 2018. The segment follows four young adults as they hunt ghosts and monsters in a Scooby Doo-esque fashion.

The team was put together by Andi Swallows, who had visions of a perfectly marketable, diverse, photogenic group. She hoped to trick the gullible into paying them, and maybe get a reality show out of the deal. She recruited her best friend, nerdy Gordon Hanson, and her weird stoner step-brother, Violet, to help her. An ad online was answered by conspiracy theorist Jackie Watts. So not exactly her dream team, but it's a start. Sort of.

But by the end of season one, Jackie was left alone, faced with building an all-new team. Or not.

The theme song was composed by Nathan Haley with lyrics by Jerome Wetzel. It is performed by the full cast.


Main Characters

  • Andi Swallows played by Karen Perta (season 1). The leader. Andi is smart, savvy, and hard-working, though not all that empathetic. She is ambitious, and that often is her sole focus. She is also confident that her plan will work.
  • Gordon Hanson played by Nick Arganbright (season 1). Gordon will follow Andi anywhere. After all, she's a pretty girl that lets him hang around, despite his nerdiness. She only sees him as a friend, but he hopes that working for her will let her see him in a different light.
  • Violet Swallows played by Seamus Talty (season 1). Violet is a stoner who is just along for the ride. Little shocks him, making him an ideal companion in a scary setting. If he can just stay focused on the task at hand.
  • Jackie Watts played by Samantha Stark. Jackie loves conspiracies, and believes most of them. She is probably the only member of the group that truly thinks their work is real, joining to hunt monsters, not make money.


Season One

Overall Season Title Writer Director Live Show Podcast
1 1 "Frankenstein" Jerome Wetzel Katie Boissoneault & Dallas Ray Show XXVIII 139
2 2 "The Wolf Man" Jerome Wetzel Nick Arganbright Show XL 196
3 3 "Violet's Out-of-Body Experience" Samantha Stark Kristin Green Show XLVII 237
4 4 "Creature From the Black Lagoon" Jerome Wetzel Dallas Ray Show LII 259
5 5 "I, Bork" Jerome Wetzel Samantha Stark Show LIX
6 6 "Father's Day" Jerome Wetzel Kristin Green Show LX

Season Two

Overall Season Title Writer Director Live Show Podcast
7 1 "Change of Hart" Samantha Stark Nick Arganbright Show LXIV


Sometimes Radio Hour performs reruns of classic episodes for special shows, outside of their monthly ones, since time to write and rehearsal is limited. The scripts are usually changed slightly. These are also released on the podcast feed. Here are all the re-runs performed for Mystery Dream Team:

Episode Title Live Show Podcast
1 "Frankenstein" Columbus Arts Festival 2018 B2
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