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Nick Arganbright is an original and current troupe member of It's All Been Done Radio Hour. He was the first person Jerome consulted when developing the show, and was instrumental in developing the original batch of segments, and served as Producer for Show XXVIII in Jerome's absence. He performs the theme song to The Topnotch Tangler. He is also one of the show's directors, sometimes writes for the show, and serves as Story Consultant for all scripts. He was a 2017 Audio Verse Award Finalist for his work in Radio Hour.

Nick is the only troupe member who has been in every monthly and special live show.

Known occasionally as "Nick Nitro", Nick is a huge geek; loving comic books, movies, television shows, music and more. He has multiple projects that he works on here and there outside of It's All Been Done Radio Hour.

Nick's Meet the Cast podcast episode was the first of that series, released as podcast episode 6.

Nick has been married to his wife Sarah, since November of 2016.

Nick is on Twitter and Instagram at username goodbadgeeky.


Main Characters

Recurring Characters

Retired Recurring Characters

Guest Characters


Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One

  • I'Kjo in "Attack on the Homestead."

Itsahlbend Theatre

  • Johnny in "The One Skillful Brother and His Other Three Mildly Talented Siblings."

Pornstar Detectives

Space Dirt

The Topnotch Tangler

  • The Funky Frenchman in "That Sure Is Some Funky French!"
  • Santa Claus in "Grinchmeister."
  • Frank the Waiter in "Food Fight" (rerun at Columbus Arts Festival 2018).

Universe Journey


Nick often writes for It's All Been Done Radio Hour. Other than Jerome, he is the second biggest contributor to the scripts. He has written the following episodes:


  • Splunk "Splunk" and "Splunk Strikes Back"
  • "Nick & Nathan: Confusion" (with Jerome Wetzel)

Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One

  • "Mind If I Smoke?"

Packer & Ratcliff

  • "Jameses: A New Hope"
  • "The Most Serious Conundrum Ever"

The Topnotch Tangler

  • "Perfect Weather"
  • "Anything But"
  • "That Sure Is Some Funky French!"

Universe Journey

  • "Sneaking Around" (with Jerome Wetzel)
  • "It's All About Zee Part 1"
  • "It's All About Zee Part 2"
  • "Judge Jimmy: Is M- Evil?" (with Jerome Wetzel)
  • "The Universe Journey RPG Event"
  • "The Musical" (with Jerome Wetzel, Kristin Green, and Samantha Stark)


Nick was the third troupe member to sign on to direct Radio Hour and is currently a part of the rotating directing team. He has directed the following live shows:

Other Projects

The Good, The Bad & The Geeky! Podcast

The Good, The Bad & The Geeky! podcast info goes here.

Also known as GBG, it is a part of It's All Been Done Presents entertainment network.

MadLab Theater Ensemble

Nick is also a member of the MadLab theatre Ensemble.

Ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

One thing that Nick digs is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He channeled that love into a fan-made webcomic called Ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Issue 1 is drawn by Eryck Webb and produced by Nick Arganbright, with a second small print run funded by fellow fans on IndieGoGo. Issues 1 and 2 can be found at

The Magically Unauthorized Misadventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle

Tales of the 8th Grade Nothing

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