Nothing's Been Started Television Minute is a commercial segment of It's All Been Done Radio Hour that premiered in early 2019. It concerns an opposite troupe, not a cover troupe, who hates Radio Hour so much that they are making a program that is everything Radio Hour is not.

The commercial is hosted by Nora Weekly and Jerry Dryzel, who bring in guests to help them play parts. The whole thing is filmed by Sammy. The audio is released as normal on the podcast feed, and the videos are also posted on the IABD Presents YouTube page.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters


# Title Writer Director Live Show Podcast Video
1 "An Explanation" Jerome Wetzel Nick Arganbright Show XLVI C117 #1
2 "Backyard Staycation" Jerome Wetzel Samantha Stark Show XLVIII C118 #2
3 "The Bottomshelf Straightener" Jerome Wetzel Nick Arganbright Show LVI #3
4 "Danny Crevice, Unchosen Two" Jerome Wetzel Kristin Green Show LX #4


Title Segment Parodied Characters Played Characters Parodied
"Backyard Staycation" Universe Journey Ken played Capt. Kitty Humble, Jerry played Lt. Com. Woof-woof, Nora played Lt. Quietnever Capt. Kahkay, Lt. Com. M-, Lt. Tokaladie
"The Bottomshelf Straightener" The Topnotch Tangler Nora played The Bottomshelf Straightener, Jerry played Commissioner Rick Disgustingguy, and Ken played Lt. Truckdaughter. The Topnotch Tangler, Commissioner Carl Darling, and Lt. Carson
"Danny Crevice, Unchosen Two: Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One Jerry played Danny Crevice, Nora played Abigail Saranwrap, Ken played Floorus Reginaldo New York City, and Ryan Yohe played Grezit the Green Daniel Kravitz, Abby Reynolds, Rufus Reginald Rochester
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