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It's All Been Done Radio Hour performed at Starbase Columbus' Out of This World Festival on Saturday, May 21, 2016 at 1PM. Unfortunately, it was a rainy day. It was the second non-monthly show, only a twenty-five minute performance, and it was written and directed by Jerome Wetzel.

The main meat of this special was a re-run of Universe Journey "Trapped On the Bridge," with a new intro by Packer and Ratcliff. The entire performance was released as a single podcast, #54.


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Chris Allen - Narrator

Nick Arganbright - Kahkay

Katie Boissoneault - Tokaladie

Katelyn Hamilton - Lady

Amanda Iman - Awshucks

Chase McCants - Packer and Who

Dallas Ray - Ratcliff

Samantha Stark - Clint

Shane Stefanchik - M-

Seamus Talty - Foley

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