Robbie was a commercial in It's All Been Done Radio Hour from April 2016 through February 2017.

The main character was Roberta Ransom, who went by the nickname Robbie. She was a young Russian woman who dealt in illegal goods and scalped tickets. Sometimes, she was joined by her Cousin Viktor, who she did not like and frequently berated.

Often, the products she advertised were real, though as a fictional character, she did not actually sell them. No crimes were committed in the making of this comedy program.



# Title Writer Director Live Show Podcast
1 "Robbie Sells Home Wares" Jerome Wetzel Jerome Wetzel Show X C5
2 "Robbie Sells Comic Book Stuff" Jerome Wetzel Jerome Wetzel Free Comic Book Day at Packrat Comics 2016 C6
3 "Robbie Sells Theatre Roulette Tickets" Jerome Wetzel Jerome Wetzel Show XI C22
4 "Robbie Sells Comfest T-Shirts" Jerome Wetzel Jerome Wetzel Comfest 2016 C10
5 "Robbie Sells Craft Beer" Jerome Wetzel Jerome Wetzel OGP's West Grandview Fringe Festival 2016 C13
6 "Robbie Sells Flashlights" Jerome Wetzel Chase McCants Show XX C30
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