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Samantha Stark is an original and current troupe member of It's All Been Done Radio Hour. She was a 2016 Audio Verse Award Finalist for her work on the show. She has also written a bit for the show.

Samantha was on active duty in the US Navy for seven years, where she was a television newscaster, then an anchor, before moving into radio, where her true love started. She learned how to script, edit, cast, and voice, and enjoyed being entertaining over stiff news. After making the decision to leave the Navy, she lived in Washington State, then moved to Montana for a job in a radio station, where she met some great people from Oregon, who got her into podcasting. She also does on-screen acting and voice over. She is a certified canine obedience trainer. Her Twitter handle is @Samanthastark3 and she podcasts at

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Sam is also the Director of Marketing and Special Media for parent network It's All Been Done Presents, where she produces and hosts Quarterly Book Club and writes Stark Story Snacks. She has twice been selected as a winner for It's All Been Written, having submitted under a false name so as not to influence the judges, and she won the competition in 2019. She appeared as an actress in the audio adaptation of the 2018 It's All Been Written winner, The Blindest Date, and the 2019 winner, Sun and Moon, the latter of which she co-directed.

Sam's Meet the Cast podcast episode was the fifth of that series, released as podcast episode 28.


Main Characters

Former Main Characters

Recurring Characters

Former Recurring Characters

Guest Characters


Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One

Itsahlbend Theatre

  • Ant Extra in "The Grasshopper and the Ants."
  • Gretel in "Hansel and Gretel."
  • Ygrette in "Hector My Hedgehog."
  • Rose in "Two Princesses."

Morning Show

  • Sarah in "We the People."

Packer & Ratcliff

  • Jane Wells in "Alls Wells."
  • Margaret in "The Knight Shift."
  • Dirk in "The Pursuit of Packer."
  • Queen Jolanta in "Medieval Times."

The Scary Dead

  • Courtney in "Break Out" (rerun for OGP's West Grandview Fringe Festival 2016).

Universe Journey

  • Clint in "Trapped on the Bridge."
  • Commander Bernie Sanders (non-speaking) in "Weekend at Commander Sanders'" and "Neu Life."
  • Karen in "Dirt's Women."
  • Jane in "The Universe Journey RPG Event."
  • Jo'Quil in "Eee Zee Aaa."
  • Fitzy in "Spring Break" (substitute casting).
  • Laura in "Going Home."
  • Butler in "Universe Journey: The Musical."
  • Street Person #2 in "City of the Past That, In a Way, Exists Forever" (rerun for IABD Classic 2).
  • Marloh in "A Life Well Lived."


Sam has contributed some writing to the show. She developed the premise for Evangalien, including much of the first episode's dialogue. She also wrote the commercial series Life With A Voice Actor, which she later made a full segment. She helped write lyrics for "Universe Journey: The Musical." She has served on the writing pitch committee since its inception in 2018, which meets twice a year to go over upcoming story arcs.

Sam also penned the following episodes:

Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One

Mystery Dream Team

  • "Violet's Out of Body Experience"

The Topnotch Tangler

  • "Turtle Township"


In 2019, Sam joined the rotating directing team. She has direct the following shows:

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