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Shane Stefanchik is an original and current troupe member of It's All Been Done Radio Hour. He began helping with the audio and recording equipment early on and is currently the Technical Director of the show. He has served on the writing pitch committee since its inception in 2018, which meets twice a year to go over upcoming story arcs. He is also the graphic designer for parent network It's All Been Done Presents.

Shane has worked in the film/TV industry for well over a decade, filling various roles both behind the camera and in front. For a few years, he even taught it at a local broadcasting school, co-developing a new 400+ hour curriculum. Currently working or acting on many different video and sound projects, his passion for entertaining is clearly felt. With his lifetime of TV and movie watching experience, he can finally put it to good use developing new, interesting, and hopefully fun voices and characters.

Shane is also a member of the MadLab theatre Ensemble.

Shane played Soldier #3 and served as Technical Director for It's All Been Done Presents' It's All Been Written: A Little Star.

Shane's Meet the Cast podcast episode was the sixth of that series, released as podcast episode 35.


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Main Characters

Recurring Characters

Guest Characters


  • Stew Beef in Georgie's Jabs "Stew Beef," Shane in "Podcasters Ricky and Bobby, Elliot in "The Thrupple," and Drake in "Board Game Creators Rob and Drake."
  • Jimmy / Jerome Wetzel in "Nick & Nathan: Confusion."
  • William in Tina's "Tina Is Tired" and Fred in "Tina's Satire."
  • The Zamtastic Zamshoo in "The Zamtastic Zamshoo."
  • Joe in The EPA "Trees" (rerun at Columbus Arts Festival 2019).
  • Jerry in Astronaut Jake "Ice-cream" (rerun at Columbus Arts Festival 2019).
  • Catrin in "AIBD Cat Show."

Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One

Itsahlbend Theatre

  • Hubert / Grasshopper in "The Grasshopper and the Ants" (substitute for role).
  • Rooster in "Hector My Hedgehog."
  • Peasant in "Two Princesses."
  • Little Boy in "Condensed: Baa Baa Black Sheep."

Morning Show

Mystery Dream Team

  • Igor in "Frankenstein's Monster" (rerun at Columbus Arts Festival 2018).

Packer & Ratcliff

  • Nathaniel in "The Knight Shift."
  • Adam in "Origins."
  • Waited in "The Most Serious Conundrum Ever."
  • Doug in "Life, The Universe, & Everything."
  • Lazar in "The Quest."

Pornstar Detectives

  • Heath/Heather in "The Really Gross Dead Body" and 2019 "Stripped Down."

Space Dirt

  • Jo'Han in "Tea Party."
  • Lo'Qui in "The Pilot" and "The Gathering Storm."

The Topnotch Tangler

  • The Dockside Dangnabit in "Danger at the Docks."
  • Councilor in "That Sure Is Some Funky French!"
  • Grinchmeister in "Grinchmeister."
  • Ken in "Nerd Flash."
  • Randall in "A Day in the Life of Carson."
  • The Administrator in "The Tangler & Friends: Enter the Pyro."
  • Wayne in "The Pall Teams Up."

Travels With T.I.M.

  • Janal in "A New Adventure Begins."

Universe Journey

  • Lohtoe in "A Life Well Lived."
  • Lou in "Father of Mine."


Shane has written the following segments.

Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One

Packer & Ratcliff

  • "A Day in the Life of TIM"

The Topnotch Tangler

  • "A Day in the Life of Carson"
  • "Saxy Scat"

Universe Journey

  • "A Day in the Life of M-"
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