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Shannon Marie Watts is one of the script editors for It's All Been Done Radio Hour, and has been since mid-2017, shortly after she moved from Columbus to Washington D.C. While living in Columbus, she guest starred many times, including playing a major recurring role.

Shannon is a graduate of CSCC and Michigan State University with degrees in Photography and English Literature. She is known for her dedication to the local film community, both in front of and behind the camera. She has also been an extra in a number of television and film projects.

Because she has continued to be involved in the show, Shannon was featured in the twenty-second episode of Meet the Cast, released as podcast number 130.


Recurring Characters

Guest Characters


Pornstar Detectives

  • Linda in "And the Case of the Missing Career."

Universe Journey

  • C'mon Ambassador Tizz in "March to War Part VI: C'mon Conclusion" (substitute casting).
  • Street Person #2 in "City of the Past That, In a Way, Exists Forever."
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