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Show LVI of It's All Been Done Radio Hour was performed at MadLab theatre in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, February 8, 2020 at 5PM. It was written by Jerome Wetzel and Nick Arganbright, and directed by Nick. Katie Boissoneault and Kristin Green handled the introduction.

Packer & Ratcliff completed a three-part musical miniseries, while Universe Journey was told mainly from Adm. Jamie Jamieson's perspective. The Topnotch Tangler was supposed to feature an appearance by Janet Varney, but due to illness, the audio was not received in time. Instead, a portion of the March Tangler story which flashbacked to Kim and Sam was added in, and Janet's scenes were swapped to the March script. The episode titles also swapped. Space Dirt returned for a commercial-length episode, the only installment for the segment in 2020.

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Nick Arganbright co-wrote the first of a two-part Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One in which the group faces a Golem. Jerome added scenes between Abby and Josh. Originally, both teenage characters were to be voiced by young actors, but the girl playing Anne was unable to perform and Kristin stepped in. Aside from original cast member Addie Peelle, this was the first time a minor had been in the show.

Colleen Underwood was booked to reprise her role as Corey in Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One, but had to step away due to other commitments. She recommended Dana Bauman take over the recurring role. The production agreed, and Dana accepted.

The full troupe was present for this one, but it would be the last time Dallas Ray and Chris Allen performed as troupe members. They were both stepped away to pursue other projects, but would return to guest. This meant the end of Packer & Ratcliff as the regular closing segment, but more episodes would be performed.

A trailer was released for this show.



This show was narrated by Chris Allen, who also played Zolan in Universe Journey.




DK,CO PR Commercials
Nick Arganbright Kahkay Golem TIM #3 Jerry
Katie Boissoneault Tokaladie Smith #1 Carol
Dan Condo Dogged #3 Ken
Kristin Green Tik Annie #1 Tina
Nathan Haley Daniel #1 Zane
Keith Jackson Jamieson Carl Alfredo
Chase McCants Jay Porter Packer
Wendy Parks Abby #2 Hilly
Karen Perta Kam Dawn / Enenra Jonglie #3 Nora
Dallas Ray Buzz jerk Ratcliff #2 Dirt
Samantha Stark Kim #3 Sammy
Shane Stefanchik Lou Rufus
Seamus Talty Josh #1 Jason
Ryan Yohe Janice Sam Grezit #2 Scagly

Absent troupe members: None

Guest Stars

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    Dana Bauman took over the role of Corey Addision, a.k.a. Squeezy, in Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One. She was the eighty-first guest star and this was her first appearance.
  • Nicolas Brunet played Levi in Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One. He was the eightieth guest star and this was his first appearance.
  • Sam Clements reprised his role as Kai in Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One. He was the fifty-fourth guest star and this was his fifth appearance.
  • Yanni Clemmons played Judy in Universe Journey. She was the seventy-ninth guest star and this her first appearance.
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    Diantha Hillebrand returned as Princess Verbaita in Packer & Ratcliff. She was the sixty-fourth guest star and this was her third appearance.
  • Matt Schlichting returned as Hooligan in Packer & Ratcliff. He was the thirty-eighth guest star and this was his tenth appearance.

Suggested Music

Cast member Keith Jackson suggests songs that would go well with these episodes. The music was not used in the show, nor were any rights obtained.

Song Artist Relevant Segment Notes
"Father of Mine" Everclear Universe Journey "Father of Mine" Adm. Jamieson learns that his counterpart has a daughter. This one was definitely expected by creator Jerome Wetzel when he titled the episode.
"Anne's Song" Faith No More Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One "Witch Hunt" By a happy accident, this song relates to Anne's relationship with both Levi and the golem.
"Master of Puppets" Metallica Packer & Ratcliff "Two Towers" We discover that Jonglie the bard had been manipulating the prince and princess for song material. At least, that's what I intended it to mean. Marianne Heather Dean-Jackson later pointed out the connection to Annie and her golem in DK,CO, which is also a good call.
"Completely Not Me" Jenny Lewis Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One "Witch Hunt" Chosen by episode co-writer Nick Arganbright, who explained "The song lyrics while initially are written from the girl's perspective on things, listening to this I feel they kinda touch on Levi and Annie's feelings on things. In my head, this would play at the end of the episode during the credits." Keith: I'd assumed that it was about Josh Wallace's identity crisis.
"The Creep" Lonely Island (featuring Nicki Minaj and John Waters) Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One "Witch Hunt" Daniel and Grezit argue over which of them is creepier as the ULP spies on teens at a school during their investigation.
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