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Show XIII of It's All Been Done Radio Hour was performed at MadLab theatre in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, July 16th, 2016 at 3:30PM. It was written and directed by Jerome Wetzel. Because it was the first anniversary show, a fourth segment was added over the customary three. With the additional music (see below), the show ran more than ninety minutes long.

In keeping with the anniversary occasion, most of the segments were more pivotal than usual. Universe Journey ended a six-episode miniseries (and its first season). Pornstar Detectives resolved the fate of a recurring character in a non-traditional episode in which there was no mystery (which also happened to be its season two premiere, though it was not called that at the time). And Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One seemingly ended with the death of a lead character, Abby Reynolds.

Show XIII featured live music by the band So Long, Stargazer, which covered Radio Hour's theme songs, as well as playing some of their own, original music. The theme song covers can be found on the podcast episodes released. A special podcast episode containing SLS's version of "Welcome to Our Show" and some of their own music, performed before the show and during a commercial break, was released as Podcast 52.

Cast member Wendy Parks was not able to attend this live show, although she pre-recorded a phone call for the Daniel Kravitz segment. Cast member Katelyn Hamilton was scheduled to be present, but had to call off, resulting in guest star Shannon Marie Watts substituting in for the recurring role of C'mon Ambassador Tizz in Universe Journey and Katie Boissoneault filling the guest role of Geneva Pines.



The show was narrated by Chris Allen.

Actor UJ TSD DKCO PD Commercials
Nick Arganbright Kahkay
Katie Boissoneault Tokaladie Geneva Pines
Dan Condo Yeez Graves
Nathan Haley Bailiff
Amanda Iman Awshucks Amber
Keith Jackson Jamieson The Senator Richard Schiff Cowboy Joe (#3)
Chase McCants Who Coco Packer (#1 and #3)
Joe Morales Jeez Joey Judge
Wendy Parks Abby (pre-recorded)
Dallas Ray Buzz Bruce Ratcliff (#1 and #3)
Samantha Stark Nixon Casey Staci
Shane Stefanchik M-
Seamus Talty Foley Arnold
Virgil Von Hartzel Simms
Ryan Yohe Janice Jamieson

Absent troupe members: Wendy Parks, Katelyn Hamilton, and Addie Peelle

Guest Stars

Shannon Marie Watts - Shannon was the 8th guest star for Radio Hour, and this was Shannon's first appearance. She was cast in the recurring role of Meredith in The Scary Dead, and also substituted as recurring character Ambassador Tizz in Universe Journey.

Ariel Wiles - Ariel was the 9th guest star for Radio Hour, and this was Ariel's first appearance. She played Montana in Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One.

So Long, Stargazer: