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Show XLII of It's All Been Done Radio Hour was performed at MadLab theatre in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 5:30PM. It was written by Jerome Wetzel and directed by Chase McCants.

This month marks the beginning of a new staple: Packer & Ratcliff had become the regular closing segment, much as Universe Journey generally serves as the opening. It is sadly the last episode featuring James Packer for awhile, due to a hiatus by performer Chase McCants. But the segment continued without one of its leads until Chase returned.

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This is the first show with both a guest narrator and a guest Foley artist from outside the troupe, with Seamus still on hiatus and Chris on vacation. Brendan Michna served as Foley and Dino Tripodis was narrator.

Many of the segments were lightly holiday themed, taking place around Christmas or involving emotional attachments, such of the type that the holidays may evoke. None were blatantly so. Though theme song lyrics for many segments were adjusted for the occasion, some slightly, some more so.

A trailer was released for this show.



Actors UJ TTT SD PR Commercials
Nick Arganbright Kahkay TIM / Evil TIM
Katie Boissoneault Tokaladie Smith
Dan Condo Simon Landon H.G. #2 Dave
Kristin Green Julip Moura #2 Cheryl
Nathan Haley Pandra #1 Kyle
Keith Jackson Carl
Chase McCants Comptroller Packer
Joe Morales Carson
Karen Perta Meent #3 Kam
Dallas Ray Dirt Ratcliff
Samantha Stark Francine Kim
Shane Stefanchik Loqui Larry
Virgil Von Hartzel Vern
Ryan Yohe Flufy Scagly #1 Trent

Absent troupe members: Chris Allen, Wendy Parks, Seamus Talty

Guest Stars

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    Kyle Mason was the twenty-ninth guest star of It's All Been Done Radio Hour and this was her third appearance. She took over the recurring role of Grace Thomas in Universe Journey and reprised her role as Lucy in the Pymer Labs commercial.
  • Brendan Michna was the fifty-sixth guest star of It's All Been Done Radio Hour and this was his first appearance. He was the Foley artist for the entire show.
  • Dino Tripodis was the fifty-seventh guest star of It's All Been Done Radio Hour and this was his first appearance. Dino served as narrator for the entire show.

Suggested Music

Cast member Keith Jackson suggests songs that would go well with these episodes. The music was not used in the show, nor were any rights obtained.

Song Artist Relevant Segment Notes
"Life Force Storm Troopers" The Fierce Lime And His Ponytail Assassins Space Dirt "The Gathering Storm" Harry Dirt contends with the gathering army who expect him to lead them in battle against The Techno.
"In the Future When All's Well" Morrissey Packer & Ratcliff "Well's Said" Wells tracks down Packer & Ratcliff in the fute-cha and concocts his revenge.
"Shadowplay" Joy Division The Topnotch Tangler "The Shadowy Figure" The Topnotch Tangler, Captain Comptroller, and Carson close in on an elusive shadowy figure.
"Storm" Guano Apes Space Dirt "The Gathering Storm" Chorus: "Are you ready? Attack the storm!"
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