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Show XVIII of It's All Been Done Radio Hour was performed at MadLab theatre in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, December 10th, 2016 at 3:30PM. It was written by Jerome Wetzel and directed by Chase McCants, and billed as the "Gather 'Round the Fire Holiday Special."

As with the first holiday special in 2015, this one had no commercials, replaced with a framework story in which Packer and Ratcliff comforted Captain Kahkay by showing him stories. These stories were the other four original segments, all of which featured a lead or leads flashing back to some backstory, Inception-like, which they told around or in front of a fire. For the podcast, the framework was released in five parts (podcast episodes 80, 80b, 80c, 80d, and 80e), which were cumulatively called Universe Journey "Gather 'Round the Fire," with the first part subtitled "The Funeral of Dr. Awshucks."

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The comforting was necessary as the show started with a funeral for fallen lead Dr. Awshucks. The cast performed "The Parting Glass," a song chosen by Seamus Talty and instrumentally performed by guest stars Kristin Green and Cody Richards and troupe member Shane Stefanchik. Kristin arranged the traditional Scottish song. Seamus (as Chief Engineer Foley) was the soloist, with Dan Condo, Nathan Haley, and Keith Jackson backing him. The entire cast participated. Amanda Iman stood silently as the deceased Awshucks.

The epilogue to the show featured Amanda Iman singing a traditional Christmas song as Dr. Awshuck. Kristin Green again arranged and instrumentally performed, with slightly adapted lyrics by Jerome Wetzel.

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The other four stories, which Kahkay, Packer, and Ratcliff did not appear in, were also titled "Gather 'Round the Fire" and released as episodes of their regular segments. They did not have their traditional theme songs or intros, nor did the full lead casts appear in most stories. Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One's did count as the first episode of Volume Two, and helped kick off that story in important ways, including introducing a new main character and the volume's villains.

Dan Condo was promoted to full-time cast member, up from Associate, as of this show. Virgil Von Hartzel would have been offered the same, but had to stay part-time because he moved home to Arizona for work and family. Virgil would continue to appear in the show regularly until resigning from the troupe in December 2018, and then after would still return to guest star.

Show XVIII was the last 3:30 show and the last performance in which all tickets were regularly $5.



This show was marred by Chris Allen.

Nick Arganbright Kahkay (1-5)
Katie Boissoneault Tokaladie (1) Sage
Dan Condo trio (1) Bertram date
Nathan Haley trio (1) Steven Jordan
Katelyn Hamilton chorus (1) Peggy Karyn
Amanda Iman Awshucks (1, 5) Ragina Amber
Keith Jackson Jamieson / trio (1) Cyril Blake
Chase McCants Who (1) / Packer (1-5) Coco
Joe Morales chorus (1) Alexis Carson Brentley
Wendy Parks chorus (1) Vicki
Addie Peelle chorus (1) Gus
Dallas Ray Ratcliff (1-5) Bruce
Samantha Stark chorus (1) Pootie Kim Staci
Shane Stefanchik M- (1) Rufus Larry
Seamus Talty Foley (1) Jack
Virgil Von Hartzel chorus (1) Rupert
Ryan Yohe chorus (1) Sam date

Absent troupe members: None

Guest Stars

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    Kristin Green was the fourteenth guest star and this was her second appearance. Kristin played Sheila in Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One and arranged and performed instrumentals for the Universe Journey music.
  • Cody Richards provided instrumental support in Universe Journey. He was the twentieth guest star and this was his first appearance.
  • Shannon Marie Watts was the eighth guest star and this was her third appearance. She reprised her role as Meredith in The Scary Dead.

Suggested Music

Cast member Keith Jackson suggests songs that would go well with these episodes. The music was not used in the show, nor were any rights obtained.

Song Artist Relevant Segment Notes
"Hey Man Nice Shot" Filter Universe Journey "Defrosted" (last month) Universe Journey says goodbye to a beloved main character who was shot and killed in the previous episode, which is largely referenced here instead, as it might have tipped off the live audience previously.
"Dead End Friends" Them Crooked Vultures Universe Journey "Defrosted"
"Instant Death" Beastie Boys Universe Journey "Defrosted"
"All My Dead Friends" The Town Monster Universe Journey "Defrosted"
"Every Planet We Reach Is Dead" Gorillaz Universe Journey "Defrosted"
"The Killing Moon" Echo & The Bunnymen Universe Journey "Defrosted" We get a bonus reference here, since the killer was left stranded on a moon after the shooting.
"Green Bird" Gabriela Robin Universe Journey "The Funeral of Dr. Awshucks" This is the song that played during a particularly haunting scene in Cowboy Bebop #1.05 "Ballad of Fallen Angels," as we see life flash before the eyes of a plummeting character.
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