Story Roundtable is an unscripted segment of It's All Been Done Radio Hour's podcast. Creator Jerome Wetzel moderates a discussion among key cast members in one of the scripted segments. This is not recorded in front of an audience, produced purely for the podcast audience.


# Segment Participants Podcast Episode
1 The Scary Dead: Post Mortem Chase McCants, Katie Boissoneault 110
2 Pornstar Detectives: Post Mortem Amanda Iman, Samantha Stark, Dallas Ray, Shane Stefanchik, Joe Morales, Dan Condo, and Virgil Von Hartzel 170
3 Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One: Volumes 1 & 2 Nathan Haley, Wendy Parks, Shane Stefanchik, Ryan Yohe, Seamus Talty, Joe Morales, and Amanda Iman
4 Universe Journey: The Thrifty Years Nick Arganbright, Shane Stefanchik, Katie Boissoneault, Seamus Talty, Chase McCants, Keith Jackson, and Kristin Green