"The Witch" is the third episode of Space Dirt. It was the first segment in the special show at OGP's 4th Annual West Grandview Fringe Festival. It continues the story of the previous episode, picking up only a short time later.

Written by Jerome Wetzel

Directed by Jerome Wetzel

Previous episode: "The Pilot"

Next episode: "The Forest Through the Trees" (coming soon)

The Plot

Harry Dirt is walking through the forest when he encounters Scagly weeding. Scagly turns out to have two personalities, one of whom scares Dirt a little. As he tries to extradite himself from the conversation, Grezelda (a sorceress, not a witch) flies in on her broomstick and, despite her unpleasant disposition, insists Dirt stay for dinner.

At Grezelda's cottage, Dirt is surprised to actually like Scagly's cooking. He also meets Sora, Grezelda's consort, who seems pretty normal, and doesn't share Grezelda's purple, bumpy skin. Over the meal, Dirt learns that Grezelda was quite powerful before The Techno came to Sealan, and that everyone is afraid of The Techno, who can spy on them from anywhere. Grezelda also claims to be the only one who can fly in the land, except for The Techno's spaceship.

After a fitful night of sleep, Dirt sets off again. Grezelda insists he take Scagly with him to make sure Dirt is guided properly to The Techno - where she says Dirt will probably die. Scagly will be returning home before that point.

Guest Starring

Ryan Yohe as Scagly

Mary Sink as Grezelda

Karen Perta as Sora

Joe Morales as the Narrator


  • Mary Sink became the first guest star to ever appear in a special, non-monthly show in this performance.
  • Scagly is the same type of being as Meent and Julip in the previous episode. This was not indicated in the script, but was an acting choice by performer Ryan Yohe.
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