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Tina's is a commercial segment of It's All Been Done Radio Hour that first premiered in the summer of 2017. Each commercial centers on a woman named Tina who is trying to sell something, but does not have a formal store of very good product.

The first one was a very bad car sales ad and was called "Tina's Tires." Since then, each product has the word 'tire' somewhere in the product name. Three customers per commercial ask questions of her. None of the characters besides Tina are called by their name, though each script names the question askers. It is very formulaic, with each installment following the same basic structure.


Tina is played by Kristin Green.

Guest Characters


# Title Writer Director Live Show Podcast
1 "Tires" Jerome Wetzel Jerome Wetzel OGP's West Grandview Fringe Festival 2017 C51
2 "Attires" Jerome Wetzel Katie Boissoneault & Dallas Ray Show XXVIII C60
3 "Is Tired" Jerome Wetzel Dallas Ray Show XXXIII C71
4 "Satire" Jerome Wetzel Jerome Wetzel Comfest 2018 C86
5 "Choir" Jerome Wetzel Nick Arganbright Show XL C97
6 "Fires" Jerome Wetzel Kristin Green Show XLIII C106


"Tina's Tires" was re-run at the Columbus Arts Festival 2018 with the original cast, except one of the questioners, Margie, was replaced by Mark. "Tina's Fires" was rerun at IABD at The Nest with the original cast except two of the questioners, with Samantha Stark taking Lily and Nick Arganbright voicing Nathaniel.

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