The first season of Universe Journey begins with Captain Richard "Dick" Kahkay taking command of the A.S.S. Thrifty. It is a new vessel, and he is the youngest captain in the (albeit brief) history of the A.S.S.

Throughout the twelve episodes, Kahkay gets to know his crew and they him, including the fact that he's the first sexist in generations. Science officer M- sounds evil, but keeps claiming not to be. Dr. Awshucks in definitely an alcoholic, and she hooks up with their boss, Adm. Jamieson. Tokaladie develops feelings for M-, though they don't seem to be reciprocated. Foley wants to be everyone's pal, and mostly succeeds.

After an early encounter with rivals, the C'mons, Captain Kahkay and the enemy captain, Yeez, accidentally make things worse between their peoples. Both men try to stave off all-out war. But there's a conspiracy brewing that could mean all their efforts are for naught.

Main Cast

First Six Episodes

The first six episodes of Universe Journey were primarily about meeting the characters and introducing the audience to their world. Most of the episodes were parodies of Star Trek, using familiar source material as a jumping-off point. Not a lot happened to move the story along, but some things were set up that would pay off down the road, and some major recurring characters like Captain Yeez and Harry Dirt were introduced.

Episode List:

"March to War"

The second six episodes were a miniseries subtitled "March to War." Due to a misunderstanding with the C'mons, relations between the A.S.S. and their rivals deteriorate. Captain Kahkay and C'mon Captain Yeez work together to figure out who wants war, and then try to stop all-out conflict. It features many recurring characters, with almost the entire IABD troupe of actors involved in the story.

Episode List:

  • #1.07 "The Barren World"
  • #1.08 "Traitor in Their Midst"
  • #1.09 "Another Round"
  • #1.10 "Off Course"
  • #1.11 "Cliffhanging"
  • #1.12 "C'mon Conclusion"
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