It's All Been Done Radio Hour returned to OGP's West Grandview Fringe Festival for the third consecutive year in 2018 for the twelfth non-monthly show. It was performed at MadLab theatre in Columbus, Ohio as part of a podcast block, a separate venue from the main festival at Jimmy V's. It was a forty-five minute show, about half the normal length. It was the only Radio Hour script to be written in a single morning.

It was the first non-monthly show to feature a guest star, and contained the smallest Radio Hour cast to date. Both the regular narrator and Foley artist were unable to attend. Joe Morales substituted as narrator, while creator Jerome Wetzel did the sound effects.


Space Dirt premiered at the previous WGFF, and returned this year for its third episode, shortly after the relaunch in Show XXXVII. Packer & Ratcliff presented its first-ever full-length episode re-run at this performance. Additionally, there was a new Trent Tushner commercial



Actor SD P&R Commercial
Nick Arganbright TIM Charles Daab
Chase McCants Packer
Joe Morales Narrator Narrator Narrator
Karen Perta Sora Shawna
Dallas Ray Dirt Ratcliff
Ryan Yohe Scagly Trent Tushner

Guest Stars

Mary Sink - Mary was the forty-fifth guest star in Radio Hour, and this was her third appearance, her first in the recurring role of Grezelda. She also had solos in the "Welcome to Our Show" opening song.