"Waking Up Is Hard to Do" is the fifth episode of Universe Journey season three and the thirty-first of the series. It guest stars Justin McElroy, and was the first segment of Show XXVIII.

Written by Jerome Wetzel

Directed by Katie Boissoneault and Dallas Ray

Previous episode: "Neu Life"

Next episode: "The Universe Journey RPG Event"

The Story

Commander Fodder comes on board and is not happy to find that Neu is serving as pilot, as that is usually the XO's job. Neu has Admiral Jamieson's orders on her side, but Fodder is left without a chair, and that's just not acceptable.


While they fight over who gets to drive, M- exhibits symptoms of illness and collapses. Tokaladie grows concerned and asks for Who to come to the bridge.

As Kahkay orders Neu to set course for Starbase Rana (to get to his barber), the ship's computer suddenly begins talking and says it won't allow the starsheep to go to that place. The crew is confused, as it has never spoken before. The computer admits to recently receiving an upgrade, but it takes a bit to figure out that Neu was the one that did it. Neu didn't mean to cause a problem, she was just trying to repay the crew for her life by making the computer better for them. However, lacking Neu's emotions, the computer is focused on efficiency rather than caring about the crew.

To best complete the A.S.S. mission of seeking out new races and places, the computer plots a course through C'mon territory, reduces rations, and begins addressing Kahkay as Dick. Neu steps away from her station, regretting what happened, and Fodder takes the pilot station... then is promptly electrocuted to death. Kahkay orders Neu back to the controls, but she hesitates, afraid.

The computer cuts off air to the bridge when it becomes clear the current staff won't listen. Neu, Foley, and Tokaladie work together to reroute power and disable the computer. It works, and the starsheep continues on its mission. Neu offers to go offline for the mistake, but Kahkay allows her to continue serving with Tokaladie and Foley's promise to watch over her.

Guest Stars

  • Justin McElroy as the Computer
  • Anna Leeper as Commander Frank Fodder


  • Chase McCants was out, so Nathan Haley filled in as Dr. Who Grappa.
  • This is one of many episodes where the crew is trying to get to Starbase Rana and fails to do so.
  • Lt. Evans is mentioned in this episode as being a member of the bridge staff, but is not heard.
  • Tokaladie is excited that what the computer is doing reminds her of a great sci-fi movie from the 1970s.
  • Under stress, Dr. Who's speech pattern regresses back to single syllables.
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