Zagor the Murderous is a character in Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One, a segment of It's All Been Done Radio Hour. 

First Appearance: Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One #2.09 "Attack on the Homestead

Number of appearances: 2 (as of March 2020) 

Actor: Matt Schlichting

Zagor is introduced as he climbs through the broken front window of Kravitz Antiques and declares who he is and that he is there to kill Daniel Kravitz. He is the second monster in what turns out to be a wave of them that virtually destroys the shop and its contents. He is described as looking like a large, leathery pterodactyl, but much more sturdy on his feet. But not too large, because he calls Daniel 'enormous.' Zagor talks in third-person. 

Daniel and the others escaped when Josh Wallace blocked Zagor (and other monsters) with a temporary magic spell. Zagor is not immune to magic ("Attack on the Homestead").  

When next Zagor appears, he is Lieutenant of the Sargottians, an important role. From context, he likely achieved this position by facing off against Daniel and living to tell the tale, one of the few from The Subworlds to do so.  

In this position, he was tasked to meet with the U.L.P. leadership in England. Upon arriving at their headquarters, he witnessed the destruction of the base and saw Daniel flee the scene. He also saw Daniel teleport. Human police arrived before Zagor confronted anyone. He shared this experience with both Dunuld Drag and Joey the Gnome telepathically. Zagor's eyes can glow a dim orange and transmit his thoughts.  

The military title doesn't mean Zagor wants to fight, though. He would rather go home in peace and watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which he knows FOX cancelled and NBC picked back up. It looks like he might get his wish because he cannot find Daniel and friends. But then Monbo makes Zagor pledge allegiance to her, and so he is currently conscripted for war.  

Zagor claims to never be late. He enjoys parfait ("...And Sprinkles On Top").  


  • Although Zagor was not in the episode "Pit of Despair," he was present and witnessed some of those events.
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